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Hailey Baldwin Brings Back Pastel Pink Hair

by maryforester / last updated March 23, 2017

Just when we thought pastel pink trend was over, Hollywood starlet Hailey Baldwin revitalises the trend over on her instagram page, showing that we’re not quite ready to let go of this hue just yet.

We caught up with John Spanton, Technical Education Director at Trevor Sorbie for his top tips to achieve this shade.

“Like all brighter or tonal colours, the paler the starting point is, the truer the shade will be. Durability is rarely great with this type of colour work and as a general guide, the fuller the development time can be, the better the shade will last.

As a rule, if you are mixing a lightest blonde semi-permanent colour with a small percentage or a darker, brighter tone to achieve this, a smaller amount of the tone and a longer processing time will work better.

In addition to all of this, coloured conditioners that you can customise will help prolong the new colour. The key to success with this type of work is a good consultation and the understanding that a higher level of maintenance may be required!”

*image via www.instagram.com/haileybaldwin

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