How to Run a Successful Freelance Hairdressing Business

by laurahusband / last updated October 11, 2019

Successful Freelance Hairdressing Business

To celebrate HJ’s Freelance Week, sponsored by Wella Professionals, HJ has spoken to two Wella Professionals freelancers about running a successful freelance hairdressing business. Laura Chadwick (her Instagram feed is pictured) and Nella Pastore discuss the art of ordering and managing stock levels and how to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques while working solo.

How do you use Wella Professionals colour to support your freelance business?

Nella: I love the ongoing support and marketing materials that Wella Professionals offers freelancers. I completed my Wella Master Colour Programme award last year and it’s given me access to lots of great tools.

Never stop learning. I invest in myself two to three times a year. I love the Master Colour Programme because it offers lifetime education with the Master Colour Congress. Go too for FREE online education or call one of the Wella Studios to book a studio course (London: 020 3650 4700, Manchester: 0161 834 2645 and Dublin: +35 314 160 900).

Laura: Wella Professionals gives exceptional results in colour and shine with a huge range of shades to suit every client. It’s long lasting and keeps clients loyal.

Why did you choose to work with Wella Professionals for your freelance business?

Nella: The Wella colour family has a vast range of products in its portfolio, which allows me to cater to all of my clients ranging from 16 to 60+.

Laura: I use the brand as a freelancer because I know the colours and I’m confident in using them on my clients.

What colour products do you keep in your kitbag for your clients’ colour needs?

Nella: I have a slightly smaller bag with Perfection/Colour Fresh for those top-up/freshen-up days and in my main bag I work mainly with Koleston Perfect ME+ (for fantastic coverage of greys), Illumina (for those pearlescent toners with shine) and Color Touch to complete my balayage and melt toning techniques.

Laura: I use Koleston Perfect ME+ for grey coverage. I love Illumina Color for more bespoke tones and the new Illumina OPAL-ESSENCE silver mauve toner is great for my platinum blonde clients.

How do you plan colour orders?

Nella: Apps are great but it’s always good to have a hard copy of orders too. I do a big order every other month and top up every two weeks for last minute bookings.

Laura: I keep a stock sheet with all of my clients’ usual colours and replenish weekly. I also provide consultations to ensure I know if anyone is planning a colour change as this means I can stock up in advance.

What are your tips for a new freelance colourist for running a successful freelance hairdressing business?

Nella: Tune into social media and follow Wella globally. I follow the hashtag #wellapassionistas on Instagram because I love seeing other stylists’ work. I have made Insta friends – they have even helped me with mixing ratios when I’ve asked for advice.

Laura: Go on basic colour training to understand the depths and tones. Make sure you have all the basics to create your clients’ dream hair and add to your range as you go to suit your clientele. Make sure you record your usage so you can predict how much you’ll need going forward.

How does Wella help you to streamline the ordering process?

Nella: I have an online login, which I can use on all of my smart devices. It shows me how much I’m spending and Wella creates an invoice, which needs to be paid in 30 days so I have time to budget.

Laura: I don’t buy in bulk. I buy my products from the wholesalers so I always take advantage of offers such as buy four get one free.

Go to and sign-up to get 10% off your first freelance order and check out the Wella Professionals official Instagram and Facebook accounts for tips, techniques and a daily dose of inspiration. 


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