Indola Launches Free eBook for Self-Employed Hairdressers

by kieran / last updated July 9, 2021

indola freelance ebook

Indola has launched a free eBook guide on how to set up as a freelance hairdresser or an at-home studio.

The new offering from the colour brand “pulls together all the advice freelance hairdressers say they wish they’d known before they went out on their own”.

Contained within the eBook is advice from Indola UK ambassador Abbey Jarrold on how to set up an at-home salon and a handy checklist that tells you everything you need if planning to be a mobile hairdresser, rent a chair or work in an at-home salon.

Also available within the eBook is a marketing guide for freelance hairdressers and a step-by-step guide on how to choose the right product range for you.

Advertising the book, Indola aimed to help hairdressers discover whether freelance was right for them by outlining a number of qualities you may have that suggest going it alone could be your next best move. These include:

  • You want to work around a young family
  • You’d like to set your own hours
  • You want to take on a variety of different roles
  • You want to set your own creative agenda
  • You’re willing to work hard to earn money

On the jump to freelance, Indola commented: “Many hairdressers’ circumstances have changed over the past year, and that has got many thinking that the time to go freelance is now. Perhaps you’ve realised that the space in your garden is simply meant to be an at-home salon? You’re ready for that flexibility and to work as you wish, when you wish.”

They continued: “Whether you’re just contemplating if being a freelance hairdresser is the right option for you or you’ve already made the decision and now you’re thinking ‘what next?’. Indola are here to help you on your way to building a successful self-employed business.”

You can access Indola’s free eBook by clicking this link – Indola free eBook guide on setting up as a freelance hairdresser or at-home salon

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