The Individualist: The New Site Dedicated to Freelance Stylists

by akesha / last updated April 25, 2018

the individualist

For freelance hairdressers acquiring new bookings and building a solid client database is crucial when you are first starting out. So Niela Hussain decided to create The Individualist, a site that puts freelance hair and beauty in the spotlight. “When I became self employed it soon came to my attention that there wasn’t a platform out there where I could register and gain a client or two,” Niela exclusively told us. We spoke to Niela about the new site…

What made you create the site?
The Individualist was created to give the self-employed of the hair and beauty industry a platform where their business can be found by clients. There’s thousands of great hair and beauty professionals out there whether they are working freelance, in home salons or renting space, there’s a lot.

Additionally, there is a lot of people looking for trusted professionals to carry out services. Then it came to my attention that a platform needs to be put into place for these clients to find professionals or for professionals to find clients. This is how The Individualist was thought of.

These professionals are working hard independently to gain some recognition and it’s not easy building a hair or beauty business due to all the competition in the industry. I want to give these professionals a platform where if they have weeks that look really quiet they can go on to my site and see if there’s any jobs in their area been posted or at least be able to gain bookings from. Salons can also advertise space with in their salon that’s up for rent.

Why is this a beneficial site for freelance beauty and hair professionals?
The website is beneficial to professionals as this is a platform were clients will be searching for the business they run. The profiles are very in-depth and allow the client to really get a feel for the professional and their business.

A standard profile includes profile & cover pic, bio, gallery of images, social media links, services and prices, business hours and a review system. Professionals can also put up qualifications and insurance which will also give clients peace of mind when booking. The website will help professionals keep up a steady flow of client’s as well as helping them build online presence. The platform is great for professionals who are just starting out to know there’s a supportive platform in place and also for the businesses that have been running for years.
A great feature of the website is that clients can post jobs onto the website so professionals get job alerts and can apply for the jobs.

Professionals get use of our online booking system, invoice system and payment processing. Professionals can transfer their existing clientele to book via our site and cut out timely admin work. We are giving a platform to be found and also systems are in place to help the management of day to day business in one profile.

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