How Freelancers Are Getting Creative During These Difficult Times

by laurahusband / last updated October 16, 2020

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To celebrate HJ’s Freelance Week, sponsored by Wella Professionals we’ve asked a number of freelancers to share the innovative and creative ideas they’ve put in place over the past few months. We hope you will be inspired and take note of the different ways you can stay motivated during these difficult times…

Freelancers can get creative by experimenting with new collections

“Freelancers can get creative during these difficult times. I’ve used the hair, make-up and clothing I had to create my very own self-made collection called Anti Paradigm, which celebrated my queerness and delved into the deepest parts of my brain and the influences I have in my life. I did everything from make-up and hair to fashion styling alongside editing photos with some incredible graphics my husband designed. The response was incredible, and it only cost me £80 to put it together!

I’ve also changed the timings for my clients. I’ve added an extra 30 minutes to each appointment to allow for a safe and sanitary station when I’m salon-based. I use the extra time to ensure they’re comfortable and have takeaway coffee cups at the ready so they can still enjoy a beverage whilst in the salon. Everyone loves a cuppa when relaxing so that’s lovely. I’ve also jazzed up my PPE to make it look less ‘clinical’ and I offer 20% off to NHS clients and key workers because they’re Godsends.”
Thomas Frear, Thomas Frear Hair and Wella Passionista

A home hair studio redecoration project

Cristina Fazzone

“I’ve redecorated my home hair studio to help add value to the home hair experience and showcase my brand. Redecorating has allowed me to have more social media content and create a more flowing display on my Instagram. The Studio is now bursting with colour with a more accessible layout and a design that really shows off my brand! I’ve also spent the past few months experimenting with new hair shades, adapting my teaching sessions to online versions and restoring my brand.”
FHA member Cristina Fazzone, owner of Cristina Fazzone

Freelancers can get creative by reintroducing services from the past

Rihanna Henry

“It’s been hard adjusting to the new way of working but it is also rewarding. If I’m honest, I’ve fallen in love with the services I abandoned over the years. A huge part of my focus was on blow-drying with the odd hair cut here and there, but I’ve now fallen in love with hairdressing all over again. I’ve managed to stay booked and busy by offering multiple services per household, which has been a real hit with clients.
My menu includes:

  • Family Cuts (2 adults & 2 children)
  • His & Her Cuts
  • Add-on services for extra children and adults

As well as keeping clients happy, working in this way is much easier for me as it cuts down the time I would normally spend travelling between appointments. I’ve managed to do my regulars, but I’ve also taken on a whole new clientele of families, where I spend more time in one household. My clients have said some salons haven’t allowed children in the salon post-lockdown, so having me pop in to do a child’s cut has been perfect.”
Rianna Henry, The Blowdry Artist

Creating a new retail client experience

Nella Pastore

“I created survival kits for clients during lockdown which were available to purchase. I delivered locally at
the same time as my food shop or posted to people who were shielding. This included a personalised Wella Color Fresh Shade to refresh the hair, an intense mask to repair and hydrate the hair and some other hair goodies. This brought positive vibes and created extra revenue for me. I’ve had so many requests from clients to continue these as they are ideal for Christmas or just a nice token gift, so as of next month this is something extra that is being added to my retail experience. Throughout the tough episode we all faced, I questioned if I was in the right career as I couldn’t ‘work from home’ during lockdown, but within two weeks, the hairdressing community offered the most amazing support with endless education and inspiring resources. I managed to boost my skillset to be the strongest it has ever been. I’ve learned so many new techniques that have led to new services on my menu. This has kept my clients engaged and more excited than ever to get their hair done. This means I am seeing them more frequently.”
Nella Pastore, freelance hair stylist and Wella Passionista

Learning how to work with Afro hair

Cimone Cheveux

“I’ve used the past few months lockdown  to re-evaluate my skillset and see what I could add to my services menu. It’s given me the perfect opportunity to start educating myself on working with Afro hair. This is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. I’ve also had some great opportunities to collaborate with fellow hairstylists and go live on social media to discuss working with Afro hair. I feel much more confident now offering textured hair services to my clients and I can’t wait to put my newfound knowledge into practice.”
Cimone Cheveux, freelance hairstylist

Sharing ideas with fellow freelancers

Jayne Lambert

“I’ve joined the FHA (Freelance Hairdressing Association), which has opened up a whole host of training opportunities and contact with other freelancers who are getting creative and working on their businesses. I’ve redecorated my home salon and restructured my price list to be more modular, which allows the clients to pick and choose to suit their budget. I’ve refreshed my colouring skills and learned how to add colour in an express service which saves time in the salon and keeps the cost down whilst adding a great result for the client. I have contact on a daily basis with other stylists now and it’s been invaluable to share ideas. I’ve improved my skills for wedding updos and I’ve taken advantage of all that’s been offered by other stylists with live online tutorials.”
Jayne Lambert, owner of Solo Hair by Jayne Lambert 

Taking clients outside of their comfort zone

Andy Smith

“I used the extra time during lockdown to educate and research current and upcoming trends. It was a great opportunity to get creative and playful with styles, enabling me to upskill on all services that I offer. As soon as the UK Government allowed, I was full of energy and ready to get going with clients. Lockdown left me so inspired and ready to get creative again, I feel that it also allowed my clients to be a lot more open to change and willing to try different looks and trends. Many clients are now wanting to grow their hair or keep the length, however they still want to add that street style vibe. I used techniques such as heavy layering and undercuts so my clients could keep their length whilst still being creative. Alongside catching up with clients, I have been busy working on new campaigns and doing shoots with The Bloom Twins and building my portfolio up again for my social media channels.”
Andy Smith, creative director and Indola ambassador

Growing my social media audience

Lynndy Rolfe

“I’ve really enjoyed the chance to go live and share my knowledge and forthcoming trends. I also had plenty of time to demonstrate on my best and dearest client – the dolly head! I’ve grown my social media audience through Tik Tok and Instagram which I’ve thoroughly enjoyed. I’ve taken a look at the service I offer and look into what else I could offer moving forward. With the current situation the way it is, like all stylists, I had to re-evaluate how my booking system works for family appointments. I now see a whole family in one sitting, this enables me to devote 5pm onwards to thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting my equipment after my services. The thing I most enjoyed about having more time back in lockdown was the chance to practice, perfect and present my skills. I don’t think that any of us will have that opportunity again so for that I am extremely grateful.”
Lynndy Rolfe, freelance hairdresser, barber and hair educator

Freelancers are being creative to adapt to change

Freelance Hairdressing Association’s founder Sheila Abrahams says: “Owing to the nature of freelance work, our members are able to be agile and adapt to the new normal by making their own home studios equipped for single clients or are launching new services to better meet the needs of clients on a budget.”

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