Everything You Need to Know About Going Freelance

by akesha / last updated October 18, 2019

Going freelance can be a daunting decision when you are used to full time employment, but it’s a choice that many stylists are making. According to research conducted by the NHF/NBF 58% of hairdressers and barbers are self-employed so with HJ‘s Freelance Week we are celebrating the sector and providing key information for those of you who have recently gone freelance or are thinking about making the change…

Hairdressers Journal International‘s editor Laura Husband says: “Following the success of our first Freelance Week last October, we’re thrilled to be bringing back HJ’s Freelance Week, sponsored by Wella Professionals with even more dedicated content for the growing self-employed and freelance sector.

The UK freelance sector is growing year on year. Recent data from the Association of Independent Professionals has found there are 4.8 million people self-employed in the UK who are adding £275 billion to the UK economy. Ryan Barnett, IPSE’s Economic Policy Advisor said the statistics show just how attractive the opportunities, freedom and flexibility of freelancing are. Despite political turbulence and uncertainty due to Brexit, he believes freelancers are creating businesses and driving innovation with their dynamism and get-up-and-go spirit.

The statistics have also revealed there has been a 31% surge in the number of people looking to go freelance in the UK.

Hairdressing and barbering are lifetime skills that can be pursued anywhere and at any time so it’s not surprising that so many of you are choosing to adopt a self-employed or freelance lifestyle. In fact, the research found that in the Midlands hairdressing already makes up the biggest freelance trade.

If you’re considering going freelance or if you have recently taken the leap and would like some business advice, reassurance or some insight into the different career paths available to you as a freelance and self-employed hairdresser or barber, we have plenty of articles for you.”

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