The Pros of In-House Salon Development and Franchising

by akesha / last updated May 1, 2019

the pros of salon franchising

Franchising is something that many salon owners have long used as an opportunity to step up and evolve as a company. It’s a solid way to grow your own business and Alan and Linda Stewart, co-owners of Rainbow Room International saw fantastic development when they decided to franchise their salon. Rainbow Room International has gone on to become the largest salon group in Scotland. Here Linda tells us the top five pros of franchising..

1. Help with start up

Starting a business by yourself can be difficult, but with a franchise you have someone there to help and support you at all times and this is especially great when you’re starting up, as your franchisor can help with training to get you on the right track and also can help you with any supplies or equipment you may need to start up successfully.

2. Having on-going great support network from your franchisors

One of the main benefits of a salon franchise is the support network you have. The franchisee has the support of the franchisors to help the brand really flourish and grow and the franchisee has the support of the franchisor whenever they require it, should they need help with any issues or problems they have in the salon.

3. Long term commitment

As franchisees are investing in the business and franchisors are providing them with on-going training, it effectively means that the franchisee will be unlikely to leave the business after a short-term (not that they should want to!) and will have a long-term commitment to the brand.

At Rainbow Room International we organically franchise and many of our franchisees and Salon Directors have been with us from the very start, starting as apprentices and growing to own their own salons, managing their own teams. Some now franchise more than one Rainbow Room International salon!

One of the main benefits of a salon franchise is the support network you have

4. More career opportunities and levels of development

In a franchised salon group there are so many career and development opportunities. Team members have the chance to work their way up the ranks and eventually open their own franchise if they desire to do so. Franchises provide a really strong career path and this is great for employees, as it encourages them to stay with the company, as they know there is always somewhere to go and that one day they can own their own franchise.

5. More likely to succeed due to being part of a reputable brand

When becoming a franchisee and joining a salon group you often are joining a brand that has already been around for some time and that is reputable. This is particularly great for the franchisee, as they know that their salon is more likely to succeed, as long as everyone does their job properly and works in the same way that the rest of the brand and other salons do, whilst taking the salon to the next level. You also have a strong brand name above your door, which will really help to attract new clients.

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