Salon Digital Marketing Tips That will Instantly Boost Revenue

by laurahusband / last updated January 30, 2019

Salon digital marketing

HJ has asked salons to share the essential salon digital marketing tips they use to boost their revenue every day. From social media and e-newsletters to text messaging and SEO discover how fellow hairdressers are making digital marketing work for them:

Invest in social media as a salon digital marketing tool

Simon Hill

Simon Hill, Sesh Hairdressing says:

“Social media is an incredibly useful salon digital marketing tool and definitely something I would recommend investing in. Potential clients will either look at your website or more commonly, your Instagram. They use this as a way of finding out where you are based, what your work looks like and how much you will charge. It is therefore crucial that you maintain your social channels and have as much information as possible available to potential clients. At Sesh we work with an agency, AJC93 PR who handle our social media to ensure a clear brand message and personality comes through via our online presence. This is often your first point of contact with existing and potential clients so it is crucial that you utilise this free marketing platform to its full potential.”

Share news updates via e-newsletters every month 

Ross Charles

Ross Charles, Ross Charles Hairdressing says:

“At Ross Charles Hairdressing we create and distribute weekly/monthly newsletters which are sent out to our list of GDPR compliant client at peak times. The topics vary depending on what we need to focus on in terms of our business plan. If our retail sales require a bit of a boost for example, we will send out an informative newsletter showcasing a product of the week or a specific offer that is currently available. If we have some appointments remaining that we would like to fill on the other hand, we could detail this in the email blast and encourage clients to book via social media or over the phone. We find this to be a great line of communication between us and our clients and also helps to build a good relationship whilst also helping your salon achieve your business goals.”

Send clients personal offers via text message


Karen Thomson, KAM Hair and Body Spa says:

“At KAM we use so many forms of salon digital marketing to promote new stylists, new services, fill quiet periods and to keep connected with our clients at all times in order to build great relationships and a loyal clientele. Text messaging in particular is incredibly important to us and we use text messages to  check how a client is getting on, to send late deals and offers and also to send birthday texts, where we give clients 10% off treatments and services when it’s their birthday. These digital marketing services are little extra personal touches and really show clients that you care about them and want them to come back to the salon.”

Keep your website up-t0-date

Suzie McGill

Suzie McGill, Rainbow Room International Uddingston says:

“Our Rainbow Room International website plays a big role in our salon digital marketing plan. We make sure it is consistently updated with news from all of our Rainbow Room International salons and the latest trends and techniques in order to engage clients. We also hold regular promotions on our website and promotion we are working on at the moment for the website is £10 off services throughout February for all clients. To receive the discount clients simply register via our website to our newsletter and they receive an email with the £10 off. This is does really help bring in new clients and retain existing ones and also allows us to have the clients details for our newsletter to continue to send them Rainbow Room International news and offers.”

Use SEO to be at the top of Google searches


Malcolm Macneil, Ishoka Hair and Beauty says:

“Here at Ishoka Hair and Beauty, we understand the important of technology and the direct influence that this has on our clients. Whether it be loyal or new clients, we have often found that their first port of call for information is the world wide web. A simple search of ‘Aberdeen hairdressers’ can put you well above those within your local regions – it’s up to you to ensure you are at the top and ranked as number one on all search engines and SEO. We completely revamped our website and took advice on the best ways to increase our ranking. From publishing relevant and up to date content as well as using key words – it is a simple yet very effective method of digital marketing.”

Create an easy to navigate online shop for your clients

Michelle Griffin

Michelle Griffin, Loxbox says:

“As the CEO and Founder of Loxbox Hair Extensions, digital marketing is a huge part of the success of my brand. These days, the percentage of online shopping has risen a considerable amount, and having the products readily available is something extremely important to ensure success. Consumers want to have something at the click of a button, therefore having an easy to navigate, online shop is something that should be heavily invested in. Think of the consumer and make their journey simple.”

Use an app to increase client bookings

Ashley Gamble

Ashley Gamble, Ashley Gamble Salon says:

“We launched our salon app in late 2018 and it’s been a huge success with our clients. It’s a relatively straightforward app, which allows clients to book in for services. They can choose the member of the team they want to see, the service they want and a time that’s convenient for them. They can also view their service history and it connects to our client loyalty program so they can unlock offers and benefits. We know that clients are busy and can’t always call up for an appointment during open hours – then juggle their calendar as they try and find a suitable slot. This way, they can book 24/7 and find a suitable time at a glance. It makes things convenient for them, and allows our front of house team to focus on giving clients in the salon a brilliant experience. Our clients have responded really well and we’ve definitely seen an influx of bookings since its launch!”

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