How to Grow Your Salon Client Base with Email Marketing

by charlottegw / last updated June 23, 2020

grow email marketing salon

Growing your salon and client base with email marketing needn’t be a daunting or difficult task. Here are five ways to up your email marketing game without falling foul of GDPR and spa regulation, according to Marios Italos founder of 

  1. Target wisely. One of the main reasons that email marketing campaigns fail is because the wrong information is sent to the wrong people. In your business, you will serve a huge variety of customers. While this can provide you with a large, healthy mailing list, if you lump them all together and send in bulk, you’re going to be sending a lot of irrelevant information. In segmenting your list into categories – male, female, kid’s services, treatment types – you can help to make sure that your customers only receive information that interests them. And this is what gets customers in through the door.
  2. Plan ahead. As a business manager, your time is short. Sending marketing materials may well be an ad hoc process. However, an organised approach will deliver better results and make better use of your time. Plan what you want to say, who you want to say it to and how you’re going to reach them. Work out the best time to send to your customers to get their attention. And only send the number of messages that they are happy to receive – enough to keep you in their minds, but not so many as to cause annoyance.
  3.  Use your analytics. Email marketing can provide you with a huge amount of information, either through tracking programmes or testing. Split-testing – sending a variation of content to two similar groups and seeing which delivers the best results – is particularly useful, allowing you to refine the information you send.
  4. Keep your subscriber list updated. Although it’s become an important focus, GDPR isn’t the only reason why you need to maintain your email lists. Firstly, mailing who people don’t want to hear from you is pointless. Secondly, it can see your IP address and domain being blacklisted as spam. Although you can keep your mailing list up to date manually, it is a time-consuming process. A verification platform (such as can automate it. Using a unique algorithm to perform syntax checks, email mail server checks and a number of other real time proprietary checks, the software confirms that the email account exists, dramatically decreasing redundant and invalid/undeliverable email addresses. This can help make sure that you’re GDPR compliant too.
  5. Avoid spam triggers. There are certain things that will always activate spam flags. Avoid using JavaScript and RSS feeds and try not to use overly promotional, bombastic language – such as ‘massive sale’, ‘hurry!’ and ‘Must end SOON!’ as these are well-know spam filter triggers.

Marios Italos is the founder of a product of Intergo Interactive Ltd, a Cyprus-based creator of award-winning SaaS technology products.

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