8 Tips for Becoming a Succesful Hair YouTuber

by kieran / last updated August 27, 2021

8 tips for becoming a hair youtuber

If you’ve ever considered becoming a successful hair YouTuber to widen your business’ reach, we’ve got some essential tips courtesy of JOICO European Design Team Creative Color Artist’s newest member.

Following a career as an international golfer, James Atkinson, owner of the The Life of Hair YouTube channel, eventually found his true passion in the hair industry- especially in sharing it through instructional videos and Q&As shared online. 

James worked with one of the largest UK salon groups, honing his skills and developing his knowledge. He very quickly rose through the ranks and started working on shows and presenting educational seminars.

James then started his YouTube channel, The Life of Hair and, by 2020, he had received over 250,000 views each month. In March 2020, as lockdown was beginning, James launched the Life of Hair Digital Academy, which now has over 300 students from all over the world.

“YouTube can be big and overwhelming, and it took me a good six months to understand the channel, but I feel like I’m constantly learning and developing my skills,” says James.

Here’s his quick eight tips on expanding your presence on YouTube:

1. Don’t be afraid. Use the Nike mantra– Just Do It!

2. You will spend more time thinking than doing – and that’s okay.

3. Do not become a consumer of content to become a creator of content. Endless scrolling will not help you create your own audience.

4. Start recording yourself using your phone– but upgrade your audio as soon as you can. Poor visual quality will not distract people from your content, but poor sound quality will.

5. Consistency is key. Decide when you are posting and do it on the same day and time each week. Think of it like a TV series–  people are more likely to tune in if they know when and where it is happening.

6. Use the free videos that are on YouTube to teach you how to be a better YouTuber. There are tutorials on everything from editing to exploiting the algorithm. Look at it as part of your education – be serious about learning.

7. Learn on the job. If you can make each video, and make sure each one is 1% better– just think in 100 videos you will be 100% better. Although I’ve made 250 videos, I’m not 250% better – but I’m improving with each one. Sometimes patience is the key to success when creating content.

8. You can create a strong audience and have a powerful impact on their life. As You Tube content creators what we are doing now is just the tip of the iceberg and we have lots to achieve. It’s exhilarating to stand at the bottom.

Now you’ve got the skills to master YouTube, why not have a go at TikTok?

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