SAGE Report Reveals UK Hairdressing Industry is Not to Blame for Rising COVID-19 Cases

by kieran / last updated November 5, 2020

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A new SAGE report reveals the UK hairdressing industry and other non-essential retail are not to blame for rising COVID-19 infection rates. In fact, the UK hairdressing industry has only contributed ‘up to 0.05’ of the ‘R’ number, which is the number the UK Government uses to measure COVID-19 infection rates, according to SAGE (The Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies). 

This follows extensive discussions and debates between The Hair and Barber Council and BEIS (Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy) about the safety of hair salons and barbershops for clients and staff.

Sage report reveals UK hairdressing industry is doing its best to protect clients and staff from COVID-19

The Hair and Barber Council has lobbied to get these SAGE report results released over a number of weeks and the results reveal, that as they believed, the UK hairdressing industry only make a minimal contribution to the overall ‘R’ rate or number of COVID-19 infections. 

According to, an R number between 1.1 and 1.3 means that on average every 10 people infected will infect between 11 and 13 other people, and a growth rate between +2% and +4% means the number of new infections is growing by 2% to 4% every day, which are the current statistics for the UK.

The Hair and Barber Council CEO and registrar, Keith Conniford said: ”It has been difficult to obtain these figures but we have had extensive discussions to find out what effect our industry is having on the transmission of infections. We’re delighted to see that all the hard work by hair and barber salons to ensure businesses are COVID-19 safe have paid off and we will continue to fight for the industry to be properly supported in recognition of this.”

The Hair and Beauty Council have since extended their thanks to the industry for its “positive and proactive response with the extensive hygiene, health and safety measures put in place prior to reopening on 4 July.” The organisation has also commended the “ongoing professional way [the industry] has managed business to ensure all clients and staff are protected to the very best of their ability.”

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