9 Things Hairdressers Must Do During Coronavirus Lockdown 2.0

by laurahusband / last updated November 19, 2020

Hairdressers Coronavirus Lockdown 2.0

There are 9 things hairdressers must do during Coronavirus Lockdown 2.0, according to business consultant Phil Jackson from Build Your Salon.

Each part of the UK is currently in a different stage of lockdown but if you’re in a part of the UK where hair salons are closed, Phil says it’s crucial to follow this list  to ensure you, your hair salon and your team feel prepared and ready to go once Lockdown 2.0 ends.

What must hairdressers do during the Coronavirus Lockdown 2.0?

1. Embrace self care by the bucketload

You‘ve been through a huge rollercoaster and that takes its toll in all kinds of ways. Take care of yourself, have some well-earned rest and recharge your batteries.

2.  Celebrate your successes this year

You’re still in business – which unfortunately is more than many have managed. The fact that you’re here to fight another day is a credit to your skills and your business. Celebrate that and give yourself a pat on the back!

3. Keep in touch with your clients

The salons that bounced back fastest after the first lockdown were those who kept in touch with their clients. It doesn’t have to be a huge, fancy newsletter. Something weekly that reminds your clients that you are thinking of them and keeping them abreast of your plans for reopening will put you on a strong footing.

4. Retail, retail, retail

Check your local regulations – in many areas ‘Click and Collect’ is an option and many of your clients will be getting their online shopping done for Christmas or looking for ways to make themselves feel a little better. It gives you something to get your teeth into as well.

5. Bring promotions forward

Start your promotions early. Vouchers are a great way to get 2021 off to a busier start and help cashflow too. Move your Christmas client evenings online and get started before lockdown ends. We all need a little festive cheer right now!

6. Plan ahead

The fact that furlough has been extended to March 2021 is a warning that this may not be our last lockdown. Make contingency plans for future lockdowns and have processes in place for moving clients if you need to. Hopefully you never need to put the plan into action!

7. Start offering memberships

Stable financials and reliable income are what memberships do best and it’s a great time to launch when customers want to find ways to support you. Get something simple on sale as soon as possible!

8. Think local

There is huge support for local businesses at the moment. When looking for suppliers and partnerships, include some local companies too. One of my coaching salons has put together a Notts Box with suppliers from Nottingham all cross-promoting a box of treats. It is a win-win for your business and also helps to promote other smaller businesses in your area too.

9. Jump into the numbers

It’s important for hairdressers to use Coronavirus Lockdown 2.0 to look at bank statements line by line. Use this time to cut costs where you can to get your business onto firmer financial ground in 2021. You have the time to shop around!

Finally… Keep some structure

There is comfort in routine and we’re in an industry that runs on appointments. Going from full-on to zero structure and back again is stressful. Make appointments with yourself through the week to work on marketing your business and preparing for reopening to keep a bit of structure in place.

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