New Survey Reveals Most Clients Feel Safe in UK Salons Post-Lockdown

by laurahusband / last updated October 12, 2020

clients safe post-lockdown

Most clients who returned to professional hair salons in the UK post-lockdown felt safe and relaxed during their first appointment, new research by L’Oréal Professional Products Division has revealed.

How many clients feel safe in UK salons post-lockdown?

The L’Oréal Professional Products Division survey, which was conducted on behalf of professional hair brands, L’Oréal Professionnel, Kérastase, Redken and Matrix, found 95% of clients who returned to the salon post-lockdown felt safe and 95% felt the salon was clean and hygienic.

Similarly, 93% of the 292 women aged 16 to 74 who were surveyed felt equally or more relaxed and pampered during their post-lockdown salon visit. While 95% felt the same or better after their first post-lockdown appointment compared to an appointment pre-lockdown.

L’Oréal Professional Products Division said: “Salons have always been an environment that uphold the highest care and hygiene measures, as well as a place where clients come to relax. Since the safe reopening, salons have very quickly and seamlessly implemented the new government measures for hygiene and safety, whilst ensuring that clients can enjoy the same exceptional level of experience.”

The survey acts as a positive reminder of the hard work and dedication made by the hairdressing industry over the past few months to keep clients and staff safe and it’s not going unnoticed by clients.

Elena Lavagni, managing director at Neville hair and beauty in London said: “Clients have been grateful that we have made so much effort to make them and our team safe. It was a nice refreshing feeling for them to re-establish their pre-lockdown routine as well as experiencing the much needed feel-good factor.”

Many salons and hairdressers are going above and beyond when prioritising their client’s safety and the research demonstrates just how safe clients felt when returning post-lockdown.

However, the survey also revealed there is still a number of clients (28%) who have not returned to the salon due to COVID-19 fears. This highlights the need for salons to continue communicating the hygiene and safety measures that are in place and to keep reinforcing client confidence.

Click here for more information on the Government safety guidance for hair salons and barbershops.

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