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From a Hot Summer to Zoom: What Were You Most Grateful For in 2020?

by laurahusband / last updated December 18, 2020

From Zoom to a hot British summer – there were some things to be grateful for in 2020. As part of HJ’s Season of Giving, we asked you to tell us what you were most grateful for this year amidst the challenges and craziness of serving clients during the Coronavirus pandemic. And a very special thank you to Mark Leeson for saying he was grateful for HJ as the first one!

From a hot British summer to connecting on Zoom – these are the things you were most grateful for in 2020:


1) Most Grateful For… HJ and HJ’s British Hairdressing Awards, sponsored by Schwarzkopf Professional

HJ BHA 2020

“When I first started thinking about this I felt I would have to dig rather deeply in order to name a hair highlight in 2020. It didn’t take long however for many things to come to mind – one of the best I’d say is the glorious camaraderie we have with fellow salon owners up and down the country – we have always been ‘in touch’, however its’ been truly honourable to get to create true friendships.   Hair Highlights?    Well that’s got to be the spirit of HJ – in ensuring that the show does go on the road – the entire HJ’s British Hairdressing Awards sponsored by Schwarzkopf Professional journey has not only kept the British Hairdressing Industry at large on an even keel – but had the ability to involve everyone with the actual event available to view globally!”

Mark Leeson, Mark Leeson Salons 

2) Most grateful for… A hot British summer

British summer

“What am I grateful for? A great question and so many answers! I would say one thing I’m SO grateful for is the amazing industry we are in and the support from so many companies and experts within it. It’s times like this when you realise how strong a community we are. The live feeds on social media have been so helpful and realising how we are all together, feeling the same fears, that’s reassuring and comforting. Sharing ideas and support has also been a big thing.  I’m also grateful for my amazing team, some more than others shining through, also seeing how tight we are coming through this together. Being able to stay in contact with friends and families digitally has made the lockdowns’ bearable. Lastly of course, the amazing summer weather we had, which helped us all so much!”

Sarah Morrissey, Salon Director Sarai Hair and Beauty 

3) Most grateful for… The power of technology

Insta Reels

“I’m most grateful for technology – this year has torn the team apart but technology has meant we have been closed and more connected than ever! It has enabled us to talk and educate our teams across the globe – we have had daily and weekly sessions with teams in New Zealand, China, Spain, Italy and the UK. We have been able to learn from each other about dealing with business issues, we’ve held education sessions with our teams and been able to inspire them the whole time the salons were closed. The world has never been so far apart, but thanks to technology we have never been so close!”

Cos Sakkas, international artistic director, TONI&GUY

4) Most grateful for: Friends and family


“This year has made me realise how lucky I am for my health, good friends and family. It’s been a hard year but talking to other stylists and salon owners both locally and across the water to share concerns and issues with has been invaluable.”

Sharon Malcolm, Sharon Malcolm Hairdressing, Newtownards, Northern Ireland 

5) Most grateful for: Being stronger together

“I’m grateful that I haven’t personally lost anyone to COVID-19 and that as an industry, we have come together to share our experiences and opportunities and are stronger together.”

David Corbett, David Corbett Hairdressing, Bothwell, Glasgow

6) Most grateful for: Zoom

most grateful for zoom

“Zoom has been our saviour – we are the product of a very large Italian family and its been great to catch up on both social and business matters!   Through this medium we’ve also been able to devise an educational programme to motivate our team, which they have been able to get involved in on a daily basis.  Its also reinforced the fact that it is so important to run a ‘virtual’ academy, but saddens us at the same time as we do love an audience!     We’ve used the time to spend over-due time with our respective families – in fact Rudi became a father for the first time,  re-evaluate our education calendar; our social feed and to design our new campaign.

Leonardo and Rudi Rizzo at SANRIZZ 

7) Grateful for: My salon team

“We already knew we had an incredible team at MODE, but this year has reaffirmed that. It has been a hard year for everyone – financially, mentally and professionally – but the way our team has supported one another has made me realise how lucky I am to be surrounded by such amazing people. When the going gets tough it is people that get you through.”

Martin Crean, MODE, Chipping Campden

8) Feeling grateful for: Realising the importance of a work-life balance

“I’m most grateful to 2020 for making me realise that life is all about BALANCE! COVID-19 has made me stay at home for over 4 months this year. I have enjoyed making memories with my family and, most importantly, watching my daughter grow up. Taking her out every day, bathing her every day, spending all that time together every day, would never have been possible in normal times. I have now set my 2021 goals, which are all about work-life balance, holidays, time at home…basically just spending quality time. That would have been alien to me BC (before corona) as I worked at least 60 hours a week and accepted that was normal. Life is too short! Work hard, play hard is my motto from now on.”

Salv Mulé – Salon Director Academy Salons UK




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