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7 Home Haircut Disasters from 2020 That’ll Make Hairdressers Weep

by charlottegw / last updated December 14, 2020

home haircut disasters

If the non-hairdressing world learnt anything in 2020 it was just how quickly a home haircut could turn into a disaster. Thanks to the pandemic some people took up their kitchen scissors, dog grooming clippers and tape measures (really?!) thinking they could give themselves a DIY cut.

How wrong they were! Thankfully, the general public now knows the value of a good cut.

But the risky (and often laughable) results actually inspired its own Instagram account back in March, aptly named Corona Cuts, which chronicles user-haircuts. Here’s our favourite home haircut disasters from 2020, with a little help from Corona Cuts and Twitter.

Save the beard!

Is that mean to be a … pattern?!

When you let your hubby have a go!

Fringe festival

Actually quite cute



Putting the ‘bowl’ in bowl cut

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