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X Factor 2010: The Hair Highlights

by rachael / December 14, 2010

Now that X Factor is over for another year, it’s time to take a look back at some of our favourite hair moments from the 2010 series. What with Katie Waissel’s roots and One Direction’s mop-tops, there’s been more to talk about than ever this year.
Ever since Cheryl Cole clapped eyes on Cher Lloyd, we knew it was going to be a match made in heaven.
Throughout the course of the show, Cher morphed in to a bit of a Cheryl mini-me, wearing outfits she would be proud of and even copying her mentor’s new cherry red hair.
My favourite Cher looks were her big curls – she always looked most comfortable in her tracksuits, and the bouncy volume tops it off perfectly.
Katie Waissel was one of the most controversial contestants we’ve seen on X Factor recently, dividing opinion like no other.
The salon receptionist rocked some amazing styles throughout the series, experimenting with texture and accessories like a pro.
However it was Katie’s crop which really got everyone talking, and although it was done to rescue her over-processed hair, I have to say I prefer her with the big, crazy styles she started out with.
This year’s X Factor also featured some very stylish young men, who weren’t afraid to experiment with volume either!
Aiden’s quiff has to be one of the highest in pop, but is dwarfed by Paije Richardson and his fantastic 80s flat-top.
Although neither of these two made it to the final, I think it’s great to see two budding pop icons rocking such unique, experimental looks. Let’s hope they’ve inspired some men watching to crack out the mousse and play with volume!
Mary Byrne is hardly recognisable from her Tesco checkout days – who knew there was such a glamorous diva waiting to get out?
Always a dab hand with an updo, Mary always looked chic, sophisticated, and always elegant. 

Let’s hope she sticks with the chic new look – and picked up a few tips on how to recreate it herself!

When Matt Cardle first auditioned in his favourite hat, I certainly didn’t expect to see him winning the series.

Isn’t it amazing what a bit of styling can do? Let’s hope that hat has been burnt somewhere! 

Matt’s style is not too groomed, and just looks nicely done – without too much product or fuss. 
Justin Bieber is the biggest pop star on the planet, so it’s no surprise that the five One Direction boys are so popular!
As the series progressed, the boys lost their matching looks, although there are are still three similar long styles sticking around!
The reason I think these boys look so good is because they each have their natural texture working with their cuts. Curls, waves and texture – I love it, and without wanting to sound too much like Louis Walsh, the girls are going to love it too!



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