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Why you Should Consider Wig Making for your Hairdressing Business

by akesha / January 16, 2018

Wigs – they have gone from showtime accessory to a staple in many women’s hair-drobes over the past year. Wig making is a niche part of the industry that can equal huge money for your hairdressing business. We caught up with Jay Birmingham, a hairdresser, extensionist and bespoke wig maker, to talk about the rise of wig culture and why it might be time to incorporate it into your business …

How did you get into wig-making?
I was always inspired by the Kardashians wigs, I loved the fact you could change someone’s look in minutes by simply adding a wig. I started by just buying them and cutting, colouring and styling them myself. Then I really wanted to make my own so went on a training course with the fabulous Tokyo Stylez – Kylie Jenner, Rihanna and Beyoncé’s wig maker.

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Image – Instagram @kyliejenner

Where do you think the rise has come from?
It’s clear wigs are having a bit of a moment right now in the celebrity world and having the chance to try out a new style without undergoing a drastic permanent cut or colour is a big thing for hairdressers, clients and celebrities. It also means your clients own hair is kept healthy and they don’t have to worry about root touch ups and over colouring.

Why should more stylists and hairdressers learn the craft?
Wig making is a great skill and has no boundaries, meaning as a hairdresser you have the opportunity to try things out and have creative control.

Main things to invest in when starting up wig making?
Training is key, find a good education course and invest your money into it. And of course, practice, practice, practice with cheap hair to get you started.

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The most you can charge for a wig?
I charge up to £900 but you have to take in to consideration the cost of the hair/closure, the time taken to hand make it, the colouring and cutting and the personalisation of the hairline. They can vary in price depending on the clients needs.

Advice you would give to clients looking to make wigs a part of their style?
Don’t buy cheap hair to wear on a day to day basis. If it’s for a photo shoot of something like that then spend a little less but always look at the quality of the hair, the quality of the lace and really look after it with after care. I’d suggest have a great hair cut on it to make it look more real.

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