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Which Celebrity Hairstyles Are We Most Inspired By?

by kieran / last updated September 27, 2021

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Recent research reveals the celebrity hairstyles people are searching for when they’re looking to be inspired … and some of these results may surprise you.

Cosmetic surgery education site Tajmeeli recently analysed global Google searches to identify the most in-demand celebrity hairstyles over the past 12 months, which you can see in-full below.

Which celebrity’s hairstyle do we search for the most?

With over 188,400 searches over the past 12 months, pop superstar Billie Eilish topped the charts by some margin, likely due to sporting two standout hair looks in such a short span – the already iconic neon styles (which gained over 60,000 searches on it’s own), and the recent platinum blonde.

Singer and actor Selena Gomez took second spot with over 175,200 searches over the past year, and fellow ex-Disney star Ariana Grande took third with over 170,400 searches. Although Ariana is most known for her high ponytail, a surprising amount of the searches were gathered for ‘Ariana Grande Hair Down’ – 34,800 to be exact.

When it came to male hairstyles, A-lister Justin Bieber stole the show with over 122,400 searches, with basketball megastar Lebron James and ex-footballer David Beckham also making the list with 90,000 and 81,000 searches respectively.

The research also segmented the most popular hairstyle types for each celebrity. Interestingly, more than half of the most popular searches were for short hair, suggesting many of us are keen to sport a choppier style.

Below is a breakdown of the top 20 most-searched celebrity hair looks, including how many searches they received in the past 12 months:

  1. Billie Eilish – 188,400
  2. Selena Gomez – 175,200
  3. Ariana Grande – 170,400
  4. Rihanna – 136,200
  5. Emma Watson – 129,600
  6. Justin Bieber – 122,400
  7. Taylor Swift – 116,400
  8. Kylie Jenner – 104,400
  9. Katy Perry – 97,800
  10. Miley Cyrus – 91,200
  11. Lebron James – 90,000
  12. Kim Kardashian West – 86,400
  13. David Beckham – 81,600
  14. Demi Lovato – 73,200
  15. Vin Diesel – 60,000
  16. Lionel Messi – 58,800
  17. Kendall Jenner – 57,600
  18. Khloe Kardashian – 51,600
  19. Cristiano Ronaldo – 51,000
  20. Beyonce – 48,000

How was this data collected?

Global Google search data was collected using Ahrefs and calculated to estimate the total number of searches on average across a 12 month period.

The most popular specific celebrity hairstyles were selected based on the specific style queries with the greatest number of global Google searches per month. The figures were then calculated to estimate the number of searches on average across a 12 month period.

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