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Vote For Beckham's Best Barnet

by / January 15, 2010

David Beckham has had as many hairstyle changes as his fashion conscious wife Victoria.

From long and flowing to barely there crops, he loves to follow men’s hair trends but which style suited him best?

Click on the images below to see them full size and get voting now! The winning looks will appear in the 19 February issue of Hairdressers Journal.


Boy band chic

When David first met Victoria, he looked like a classic 90s boy band member wearing highlighted ‘curtains’ and a cheeky grin.

Shaved and bleached

He’s shaved his head a few times but this time Beckham added a bit of glamour to the look by going for a bleached, shaved head style.


With long hair in a centre parting, David opted for a grungy look but does it now look a little dated?

Pristine punk

A cutting-edge crop that combines traditional barbering with a punkish Mohawk but does David pull it off?

Hairy Mary 

When Beckham opted for full facial hair to go with this crop was he brave or bonkers?

Textured crop

David looked slick and stylish with this close-cut crop and shades combo. A clean look with added stubble and texture to stop it being boring.  

Half updo

Beckham often opted for this half-updo when his hair was longer but does it look sexy or just plain silly?

Sensational sideburns

Another facial hair experiment, these long sideburns and goatee combined with highlights make David look a bit like a sword-fighting musketeer. .



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