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Spice Girls Style: Have Your Say

by sophieh / July 22, 2007

The Spice Girls are back together and ready to tour but will their styles upstage them?


Victoria Beckham“I think it’s quite refreshing the way Victoria has changed her look over the years. Her long extensions were starting to look very dated, but I like the way she now uses extensions for fashion techniques – to add length at the front, for example. With today’s fuller clothes styles, it’s good to have more of an angled haircut – Victoria’s always been a big fashion fan so it’s not surprising that she knows how to work hair trends as well. However, I preferred her hair colour with a bit more definition and texture, and not as light as it is here.” Ben White, FordhamWhite, LondonMel C“No matter how many times Mel C has changed her hair, she has always gone back to longer, softer lengths. I think she has always looked good, but her present style is much more multi-textured around the edges for added movement and a sexy finish. The dishevelled fringe works well on her and gives the whole look a more structured feel.” Marc Sampson, The Lounge, Truro, CornwallGeri Halliwell“Geri’s gone for the boho look that was really big about two years ago. I think she’s done this to stand out from the other girls in their black, tight outfits. This hairstyle suits Geri as it is similar to the much softer image she displayed when she embarked on her solo career, with long, flowing natural waves. I think it was an unfortunate choice of dress, however, as it does nothing for her. The contrast between her outfit and those of the other girls is really odd.” Mark Pearson, Creator, SheffieldEmma Bunton“Emma’s new style looks fab! In the early days of the Spice Girls her long blonde straight hair was always worn in pigtails or with a baby doll fringe. This new look really suits her face shape as she needs length to soften her jaw-line. The softness and waves are stylish and complement her sophisticated image. Emma has the sort of hair that many women yearn for: pretty and seemingly effortless. While she’s never really had a drastic change in hairstyle she always looks on trend, and she’s obviously found a general style and tone that suits her best.” Rae Palmer, Rae Palmer Hairdressing, PortsmouthMel B“Mel B’s style has changed dramatically. Her look was very wild and almost tomboyish 
10 years ago, but now it’s a different story. Her new global black tint looks much better than her previous blonde shade, which made her look brassy. Apart from the fact they’ve been straightened, Mel’s locks are in great condition and don’t look like they’ve been chemically treated. She is blessed with versatile hair that can be worn wavy or smooth. I really like Mel’s new feminine look. It would be complete with a few graduated layers around the base of her tresses for added movement and to soften the solid layer of hair. I’d inject some volume near the roots, using big Velcro rollers, to spice up her style.” Joy Miller, Junior Green, Knightsbridge, LondonNow it’s time for you to have your say. Do you agree with our stylists’ opinions? Are any of the girls looks a bit ‘Too Much’? Who should be held up as a style icon for any aspiring ‘wannabe’? Or maybe they’ve all got it wrong and it’s time to say ‘Goodbye’ to their stylists. Tell us what you think…



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