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Robert Eaton's Celebrity Hair Icon: Blondie

by sophieh / July 9, 2008


Deborah Harry, aka BlondieRobert-Eaton.jpg

“Blondie was the first person to use her hair to define the name, look and vibe of a band. Look at Pink and how she has done the same too. In my eyes, Blondie was the first female music artist who had everything.

“She was fashion conscious – her hair colour was loud but launched a look that many women of the time then wore.

“Her style was always bleached blonde but she had so many great variations with lengths, cuts and shapes. Her most iconic must be the style that she wore in the video Heart of Glass – a voluminous bob – which was simple, irresistible and made her look feminine and cute.

“I also like the blunt fringe that Deborah wore with long hair at the back, a sort of Cleopatra look. With her platinum hue, the blunt fringe and long hair was so rock and roll. Kate Moss has worn this look several times.

“There are mixed feelings about Deborah and her current look, but with the re-release of her first album I think people will look back at her styles and think ‘yes, she got it right.'”

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