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Rihanna's Style: Have Your Say

by sophieh / July 19, 2007

R&B star Rihanna has been sitting pretty at the top of the singles chart but can she cut it in the style stakes? Have your say.


“Rihanna’s choppy bob has been globally tinted with an off-black gloss to enhance her natural colour and add shine. However, I would colour it differently to add character and show off her beautiful face. First, I would spice up her shade by block-colouring the layer underneath with a very highlighted blonde, about 2in thick. Then, through the top layer, I would add lowlights using fashion purple tones and warm, dark browns. Finally, I would tint the remaining hair with an off-black gloss – like the shade she already has – to create a striking, shiny style that oozes diva appeal.” Hector Obeng, Hector’s Global Hair With Zeal, Richmond, Surrey“Rihanna’s cut is very flattering and her bob is definitely on-trend this season. To achieve this look her hair has been cut into a graduated bob with longer sections at the front, which provides a more dramatic look. Her tresses have then been razor-cut to avoid any harsh lines. To create the luscious finish, her hair has been blow-dried and smoothing serum has been applied. Once dry, a high-gloss serum has been added to seal the cuticles and impart a lustrous, lasting sheen. Finally, Rihanna has used a humidity mist spray, flat-ironed her locks with medium straighteners, and then misted one more time.” Andre Pierre, Andre Pierre Salon, Brixton, LondonNow have your say.Do you agree with what our stylists’ opinions? Perhaps you think she should send out a style ‘SOS‘ or maybe you think she’s got the ‘Good Girl Gone Bad’ style spot on. Tell us what you think…



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