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Red Carpet Hair: The Marvellous MOBO Awards

by / October 1, 2009

The stars were out in force last night at the annual MOBO awards. The event always attracts the hippest artists in the world of soul, r n’ b and hip hop.

We check out the hair styles on the night. Who got it right and who looked a fright? Mizani Afro Catwalk Look winner 2009, Craig Chapman from Craig Chapman Salon, Cornwall and Jane Williams, co-owner, Reed Hair give their expert opinions.

Jane Williams checks out three MOBO looks.

latoyasm.jpgLa Toya Jackson

“La Toya’s girly, autumnal, long curls soften her strong jaw line and the rich auburn colour complements her skin tone beautifully. 

“For a more youthful feel, I think the cut could be taken up to shoulder length, giving it greater sophistication and extra glitzy glamour!”

sabrinawashingtonsm.jpgSabrina Washington

“Sabrina is the queen of changing her looks for dramatic affect. 

 “However, this style lacks balance and is too bulky, swamping Sabrina’s soft features.

“I think she would look fantastic with a short style and some warm chestnut and honey tones, to complement her beautiful complexion.”

peterandresm.jpgPeter Andre

“Peter Andre’s short dark hair and manly unshaven look compliments his skin tone much more than the boyish blonde highlights he used to wear. 

“If anything, Peter would look great with a short, dark crop but us girls at Reed Hair love him just the way he is!”

Afro expert Craig Chapman gives his opinion on the final three styles.

alexandraburkesm.jpgAlexandra Burke

“I love Alexandra’s new image now that it has been sharpened up with a bang-on-trend long graduated bob and a dramatic full blunt fringe.

“Coloured in deep violet tones, Alex looks hot, young and ready for any red carpet occasion. Watch this space, I think Alexandra will be surprising us with many more sizzling looks to come!”

beverleyknightsm.jpgBeverley Knight

“Beverley’s short, choppy and textured bob is a great style for her face shape and looks modern and fresh.

“I think that with some colour work, maybe deep reds and rich auburns, Beverley’s hair would look much glossier and well conditioned. It would also give her cut more definition. No matter what she does though, she always looks fantastic!”

kellyrolandsm.jpgKelly Rowland

“The girl of forever changing hair styles looks wicked with these long, glossy and healthy looking tresses.

“Kelly is totally experimental with her locks and carries these vampy extensions with style and panache. Does she need another change for the future? Who knows, but by next month I’m sure she will be sporting another sexy look anyway!”  

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