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Red Carpet Hair: The BAFTA's 2010

by / February 22, 2010

bafta-hairstyles-2010.jpgThe stars were out in force for the annual BAFTA awards which celebrates the brightest talents in the British film industry. 

Top stylist and TV regular Richard Ward tells us what he thought of the looks on the night, who got it right and who looked a fright.


audreytatbafta-sm.jpgAudrey Tautou

Being French her style is understandably understated but very chic.  Her style works really well with her petite features. 

The intricacy was at the back with stunning plaits and a chignon – she looked beautiful to me. 

Her hair colour is dark, shiny and works very well with her complexion and make-up.

carey-mul-bafta-sm1.jpgCarey Mulligan

This look is something I’d actually ear marked as THE look for S/S 10.

She’s very on trend and looks stunning. It’s worn smooth for the red carpet which is spot-on and I like the soft styling of the fringe to the side. 

She shows that crops can be versatile and she would be able to easily style it more texturised for a different event.

The blonde tones at the top work perfectly, but I was a bit unsure with the two-tone affect at the back. I’d have preferred a single blonde tone throughout.

clare-danes-bafta-sm1.jpgClare Danes

I was disappointed with this look. It’s not really red carpet glamour – I’d have like to have seen a hair-up on Clare. 

Her hair is also a touch too long for her hair texture and is looking wispy at the ends; she could have had an inch or two taken off to give it more body. 

Clare would really suit the new Christmas Tree style ie more bulk at the base line with soft layers at the mid to ends of the hair. 

Also, I really don’t like to see roots on the red carpet – her look is too styled to have forgotten about something so important!

erin-o-bafta-sm1.jpgErin O’Connor

I really like this cool, asymmetric style – it suits Erin exactly.  She’s one for taking the plunge and risking a definite style and I like that about her. 

It’s a strong, hard look but she wears it rather than the other way round. 

I especially like the detail in the obvious feathered fringe too. Colour-wise, I think it’s a touch too flat and could have had added shine for the red carpet.

vanessa-redgrave-bafta-sm1.jpgVanessa Redgrave

Vanessa is a very natural woman who likes to shun convention, she’s radical in her everyday life and this is reflected in her hair.

As she’s over 70% grey, she can really work this natural look and her make-up and skin tone does complement the tone in her hair.  

Her hair has been swept back with a low, understated chignon and I think it’s perfect.

kristen-stewart-bafta-sm1.jpgKristen Stewart

I’ve no idea what look she’s going for here – I know she’s been filming a 70s-inspired film, but I think she could have done more for such an event. 

She’s gone for the undone glamorous look, which is fine when you’re young and wanting to rebel but that look is actually very hard to pull off and she doesn’t! 

It looks dirty, greasy and really not a good look for her.  She’s wearing all the wrong colours too – hair too dark, dress too pale.  I don’t think she enjoys these types of events as she just looks too uncomfortable.

kate-winslet-bafta-sm1.jpgKate Winslet

I think she is the wrong blonde tone – it washes her features out.  She’s moved too far away from her natural base and it’s not working for me.  She’s gone for a safe, on-trend wave finish.  It suits her and makes her fine hair have more body. 

It’s not something I can say really works but it doesn’t  stand out.  Another one who hasn’t had her roots done though – why can’t these ‘blondes’ get their roots retouched before the big day!

jamie-winston-bafta-sm1.jpgJamie Winstone

I can see the look she’s gone for – very retro’s Marilyn Monroe but I think she’s taken it too far. 

I like to see people take inspiration but then own it themselves and move the look on.  Jamie is an ‘out there’ girl and carries it off, but it’s a little bit too ‘copycat’ for my liking. 

I’m also not sure of the tone of the blonde with her too-similar-toned dress and skin tone – it’s a sea of sameness.  She’s also got roots, with a look this obvious you need to pay attention to detail! 



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