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Red Carpet Hair: Q Music Awards 2009

by / October 29, 2009

Rock stars, popsters and hipsters were out in force at the Q Awards 2009. Despite being a music awards ceremony, the stars opted for chic and softer styles with a slight rock ‘n’ roll twist rather than rebellious mosh pit manes.

An array of top snippers talk through the solo looks on the night and Jamie Stevens, HJ’s Men’s Hairdresser of the Year comments on the unlikely style friendships at the Q awards.

lilyandmariannesm.jpgLily Allen and Marianne Faithful

Lily and Marianne are wearing a variation of the same cut, fitting for the old and new faces of music’s fiesty ladies! Marianne’s cut actually looks a bit schoolmarm-ish, I’d have liked to have seen her looking a bit more rock and roll. Lily’s shaggy bob looks great though – an edgy, on trend style with a great fringe length. Jamie Stevens at Errol Douglas

corinnesm.jpgCorinne Bailey Rae

Corinne looks absolutely lovely with her big soft curls. It commands attention so it’s a very brave hair style choice for the usually shy and demure Corinne. Her beauty is very subtle and those big bouncing curls avert attention from her soft delicate features.  Neville Ramsay, Ramsay and Johnson

pixiesm.jpgPixie Lott

Pixie is young and can get away with experiencing with different looks. I love how in this picture she’s dressed her hair up with pretty flowers.  Hair accessories will be big news this season and can really make a different to your outfit and stamp your signature on a hair trend  as Pixie here proves.   Amanda Morris , Metropolis Hairdressing

fearnesm.jpgFearne Cotton

Fearne Cotton stays true to her rock chic style with her dark roots and cool blonde locks. I love how  effortless her hair style is and one can never fault her because she always looks..safe. I’d love to see Fearne  update her usual slightly tousled waves by crimping sections of her hair and teasing out with a bristle brush for a Glam Punk look. Skyler McDonald, seanhanna

niosettesm.jpgShingai – Singer with The Noisettes

Shingai is on fire! Love her natural tresses and how it’s been styled into an angular shaped up-do, topped off with fruits. Very kooky!  She’s  never afraid to try out different bold looks and the end result is always nothing less than amazing. She has the style and the charisma to pull off dramatic hair styles and I always look forward to seeing what she’ll be doing next. A true hair chameleon.  Charlotte Noble, Lawrence Paul

sophieandamysm.jpgSophie Ellis Bexter and Amy Whinehouse

Sophie and Amy are both working the back to black look here. As always, Sophie looks stunning with her sleek, healthy style. Amy’s trademark full beehive is ripe for a revamp, she’d really suit a fringe without all the height addition of the beehive behind it. Jamie Stevens at Errol Douglas

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