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Posh Spice Gets Her Hair Cropped Short

by sophieh / September 9, 2008


While Madonna and Kylie are known as queens of reinvention, when it comes to celebrity hair there is no question that it is Victoria Beckham who leads and the rest who follow.

Posh’s latest hair style, unveiled at the Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 2009 Fashion Show, as part of New York’s Fashion Week, is a dramatic move away from her trademark bob.

One man who is impressed with Victoria’s statement hair cut is North Eastern Hairdresser of the Year 2007 Robert Eaton, who thinks the Posh one has created another celebrity hair trend that the masses will follow.

“No matter what people says about her, Victoria Beckham is setting the hair trends. Following her much copied ‘pob’, Posh’s latest pixie crop will no doubt send hordes of devout followers requesting her hot new look!

“I admire the fact she has gone against Hollywood’s idealistic long, flowing locks and opted for such a drastic hair style, she will be sure to stand out from her fellow LA stars!”

However, while Robert is full of praise for Posh Spice’s pixie cut he wonders whether it might over-emphasise just how tiny she has become.

He adds: “Although Victoria can carry this style well, this crop accentuates how thin she is. 

“I’d cut chunkier sections in the hair to add more width and body to the hair to balance out her petite features.”

Unlike Robert, Sean Fordham of Fordham Soho is struggling to see any redeeming features in Mrs Beckham’s new look.

“I really dislike this new look that Victoria has,” he states.

“This pixie look is much better on younger women and I believe it makes her look much older and tired.

“The colour is quite dull too but it may just be the light. I think if it had just a bit more length and natural shine it would look much better.”

More Expert Opinion on Posh Spice’s Pixie Crop

“This textured cut is great – gamine and pixie looking, it epitomises bold, fresh and young. She clearly takes her inspiration from her own personal fashion icon, Audrey Hepburn, whose infamous gamine cut from the film Roman Holiday inspired a generation in the 50’s.  It’s great to see such a dramatic departure and re-invention of her look – this dark, glossy Bourneville brown colour (together with the short layers) make her hair look glossy and gleaming. Rich, block colour works so well with this cut as it emphasises the texture and movement of the style.”

Richard Ward

“I think it looks fantastic and is the best I’ve have seen her looking in a long time. The colour and cut work beautifully together to compliment each other. The dark, rich colour looks healthy and shiny and she looks very stylish and attractive. This also really suits her age!”

Jo Hansford

“There have been some great gamine crops in the past… Audrey Hepburn, Mia Farrow and Halle Berry … But in my opinion this is not! The cut is too sharp for the shape of her face and the colour is too flat and solid – She needed more soft, multi tonal colour to accentuate the texture in the hair. If I had cut Victoria’s hair, I’ d’ have definitely gone shorter, but undercut it to allow for longer, more fluid pieces to give a softer more feminine finish. It’s too harsh and shapeless!”

Beverly C


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