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Martine McCutcheon Celebrity Style

by sophieh / July 7, 2008


Martine McCutcheon has come a long way since the days when she played Tiffany, the tart with a heart behind the bar in Eastenders’ Queen Vic. Since then, she’s been a star on the stage and even hooked up with the Prime Minister in the blockbuster hit Love Actually.

All the while, the media have had an ongoing too thin/too big debate about her curvy figure but what they seem to have overlooked is that she’s matured into something of a celebrity hair style icon.

We’re absolutely loving her graduated bob with side fringe and so are the hairdressers we spoke with. “Martine’s latest look really suits her,” says Kai Wan from  P.Kai Hair.

“This bob has textured layers and some graduation around the perimeter, which can be styled with a little movement but, more importantly, volume.

“Create the look by using a volumising product through the lengths of the hair and achieve lift by blow-drying with a medium-sized radial brush and lifting at the roots.

“The side fringe works on Martine as it frames the face and exposes more of her facial features.”

When it comes to the colour Martine has never ventured too far from a deep chocolate colour but these days she completes the look with a glossy tint, which Jamie Stevens, of Errol Douglas, feels make her shine like a star.

He says: “This is a full-head, glossy tint with pieces picked out in a dark biscuit colour. A few lighter colours take away the harshness of a full head of colour and can work really well.

“This dark shade suits people with some colour in their complexion – anyone who’s too pale should avoid it as it makes them look drained. To achieve a glossy colour on naturally dark hair use a semi-permanent; it gives a nicer shine and it’ll fade rather than leave re-growth.”



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