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Mark Townsend Creates Thandie Newton's Red Carpet Hair

by sophieh / April 15, 2008

Matrix celebrity stylist Mark Townsend recently created Thandie Newton’s stunning up-do for the LA premiere of her film Run Fatboy Run.

Having worked with Thandie before, he knew that she would challenge him and keep him on his toes so he had a clear idea of the look he wanted to create for her: a full head of loose curls.”“I originally thought that she should wear her hair down and very full,” says Mark. “So, I took Kevin Ryan’s new RSessionsTools double iron and created a messy, loose curl in Thandie’s hair by taking three-inch sections and spraying them with Matrix Vavoom Gold Heat Iron-In Control Protective Dry Mist, and then wrapping her hair through the iron in a figure eight around the heating rods.

“After each section was set on the iron, I gave it a “pull” so it didn’t look too set and stayed loose and “cool.” I set all of Thandie’s hair this way, and when I was finished, I gave her hair a good shake to make sure it would fall in to place (which it did, of course).

“I was so happy with this look; it was a young, fresh take on a 70’s style.”

Despite Mark’s satisfaction, it was soon back to the drawing board, when Thandie’s chose a dress that did not complement her hair.

But Mark showed the flexibility necessary for a session stylist and created a new, funky style that complemented the dress perfectly.

“Unfortunately, down, full hair did not work with the dress, so I went into action and gave Thandie a fun, loose side bun,” Mark adds.

“It took about 90 seconds to create and took five pins to secure. I have to say that this is one of my favourite hairstyles that I’ve created because it happened so organically and Thandie just went with it.

“When I saw the pictures of her on the red carpet, I could see that she was happy and confident with her hairstyle, and that made me proud.”



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