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Madonna's New Golden Era

by sophieh / June 3, 2008


As the undisputed Queen of Pop, Madonna has been re-inventing herself for as long as most of us can remember.

From blonde to dark and back to blonde again; from long to short and all the lengths in between: you name it Madonna has done it.

Now, as her half century approaches, she’s only gone and done it again. This time she has said goodbye to the trashier looks of yesteryear and opted for a more mature, glamorous look that screams ‘yummy mummy’.



Alan Hyman, Twelve Alma Square, says that the new look can easily be recreated on clients who want an classy look for an event.

“This is the perfect style for a client who normally wears chin-length hair straight and wants a more glamorous look for evening,” says Alan. “The cut is lightly layered, which helps give movement and swing.

“You can recreate this look either by setting dry hair from a side parting on heated rollers, or using a large tong to create the waves and movement. After roller setting or tonging, hair should be raked through with the fingers to break up the curl.

“It looks feminine and sexy and suits Madonna.”

Chris Williams of Rush is equally complimentary about the golden girl’s golden tones.

“Madonna’s latest incarnation is gorgeously glamorous and elegant. She has always favoured being blonde; from the trashy peroxide blonde of the 80s, her hair is now the picture of demure glamour. Golden tones complement her skin and add warmth.”


“Using highlights adds texture and a multi-tonal depth to accentuate her tactile locks. This is a style that looks expensive and sumptuous and is perfect for the Queen of Pop.” 



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