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Love Island Hair Extensions – What Do the Professionals Really Think?

by charlottegw / last updated June 19, 2018

Love Island Laura Extensions

Love Island has got the whole nation talking. But the hairdressing industry is talking about one thing in particular – the girl’s extensions.

HJ got exclusive access into Remi Cachet’s Super Stylist’s What’s App chat to find out what professional extensionists really think about the hair extensions of Laura, Megan, Dani et al. In the extract below, they chat about why they are so visible, what applications they think they are using and how sun cream can discolour ends. (Emojis included for authenticity!)

Shinead Lewis of Perfect Tresses: I can see why it’s worth talking about the colour changes that are taking place and what holidays can do to hair extensions. But the fact that we can see the girls extensions is not really a huge issue. None of them are trying to hide the fact that they are wearing hair extensions, they just want to wear their hair up. It’s not necessarily an issue with bad fit. Clients need to be aware they sometimes can be seen.

Nietta Hawxwell of Velosa Hair: I agree with Shinead. My clients have commented on the discolouration but they’re aware that even the best extensions might be seen when they are thrown up on the head in 40 degree heat! I think comments about ‘bad’ and ‘unblended’ extensions are coming from people who haven’t had them before!

Asya Cannur of Hair by Asya: Shinead I agree with you… because it’s a full blonde strand sitting on a dark root its more obvious. Personally I think they could be better as they would be less obvious if they matched her root when tied up. They all seem to be walking around and sunbathing with their hair down. The other blondes ends – I think her name is Laura – her ends look like they are turning pink!

‪Lamiese Johnson of Love your Lox Dubai: ‪I love Dani’s hair and love the fact she wears her hair back most days around the pool rather than smothering it all over her SPF-covered shoulders ‪‪ I think she’s wearing tapes. Hayley had individuals as she kept twiddling them. She definitely didn’t take care of them as she kept wearing them down by the pool, hence the bronze ends‪🤣 Laura has a silver, Bergan blonde and platinum mix but not sure what method hers were applied with. I wouldn’t say a weave though as it’s too wispy at the ends. I think Laura styles hers the best and knows how to cover them.‪ I’ve been posting stories on the clients hair and it’s definitely made people realise orange ends isn’t a brand’s fault it’s all about the aftercare. ‪Who me a love island fan? ‪‪‪

Ps. New girl Ellie is wearing Remi Cachet…More thoughts coming soon.

Watch out for our article later in the week about talking to your clients about hair extensions and holidays. It will include the must-have extensions retail products and the sun, sea and suncream watch-outs.

Happy Love Island watching folks!

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