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Long And Loose – Red Carpet Hair

by / February 24, 2009

Updos might be a red carpet staple, but this year, some of the stars have opted for free-flowing locks with stunning results. Top stylist Gary Ingham talks us through the looks.

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Long and Loose

Angelina Jolie Heidi Klum Jessica Biel

Jennifer Anniston


Heidi Klum

A really sleek, smooth look, worn with a low side parting, tucked behind the ears in a diagonal sweep away from the face.

How To

Blow-dry your hair smooth or flat-iron, and using a small amount of a gentle-hold product, bring your hair back and down, tucking behind the ears. The product should hold your hair in place the whole night, but thrashing around a bit might loosen it up, so hold that poise.

The Verdict

It’s a simple, elegant look, that’s quick and easy to bring together, and it works well on Heidi. It’s a paparazzi-friendly look and just the right combination of class and cool to work well on the red carpet.

Angelina Jolie and Jessica Biel

Let’s hope these two didn’t get seated next to each other! They’re both sporting a very similar look: a twist dry on naturally curly hair, with enough height through the top to make it a definite evening look.

How To

Take lengths of damp hair and twist onto Velcro rollers through the top and sides for volume. If your hair is straighter use twisted sections on rollers all over. Allow to dry naturally then lightly back-brush the hair away from the face. Secure and frame using the sides of the hair pulled back and clipped below the crown leaving the air to fall naturally down the back.

The Verdict 

It’s simple, understated working elegance and is a big thumbs up for the red carpet. Jessica looked gorgeous and Angelina looked the most glamorous she’s looked in a while.

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer’s hair has either been blow-dried using the twist-dry method, or been blow-dried with volume and random sections tonged into very loose twists. A low side parting accompanies an alice-plait lifting her fringe off her face.

How To 

Blow-dry your hair on a large radial brush to get some volume in there. Maybe large Velcro rollers would be easier at home. Then take random sections and tong some gentle movement into the lengths. After placing a side parting, plait your hair sideways, securing with a band, hiding behind the ear, allowing the hair to cascade out.

The Verdict 

It’s a great look, but I’m not sure it’s quite glam enough for the Oscars. More attention could have been paid to the movement, which seems maybe a little too random. Would look great for a girlie lunch though


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