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Life on Mars

by / April 11, 2007

Did you watch BBC’s Life on Mars last night? It was a great ending to a fabulous show, with some of the the best characters on TV for a long time. But what about the fashion? I was only one year old in 1973 but can remember my parents — who were hippies at the time — wearing tight flares, flowery tops, (dad!) flowing smocks and mini skirts. But look round the streets now and you could be forgiven for thinking you too have stepped back in time. Printed smocks are the look for spring, with some great versions in high street stores such as Dorothy Perkins and Primark. And what about the hair? Long layers, soft waves and understated looks are also fashionable 30 years later — the only difference is the technology and products around today. My mum used to iron her hair on the ironing board to straighten her waves! But the BBC got it spot on with the fashion — go to the 1970s on our Image Gallery to see some of the styles fashionable back then. ruthx



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