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Kylie Minogue's Style Throughout the Years

by sophieh / May 29, 2008

It’s more than two decades since Kylie Minogue, who turns 40 this week, bounded onto our screens. In that time she’s gone from girl nextdoor to sex siren to national treasure.

In the style stakes, she is most most-famed for her iconic outfits: from the spangly gold hot pants that relaunched her career to the white hooded costume that got us la-la-la-la-la-ing and more recently her blue ‘Showgirls’ show-stopper; but her hairstyles have also been through numerous reinventions

As the Aussie superstar hits the big four-oh, we caught up with Ben White, Director, Eleven at 11 Blenheim St to look at her hairstyle hits and misses of the last twenty years.

Charlene-days.jpg1988 – Kylie arrives in the big time with I Should be so Lucky


“This was a very typical look for the 80s. Perm and colour together was very popular – I think it works, most girls had this look back in the day and it was much requested by clients. The way it has been pinned has made a comeback more recently, but in an updated scruffy pinned up ‘Shoreditch’ look.”


2000 – She’s back Spinning Around in her gold hotpants!

Kylie looks hot in this video. Love the hair – it’s perfect length for her. The styling is fun and playful and suits her youthful image.  It is a good colour for her too.  I love the Caramel blonde, it gives Kylie a very sexy yet sophisticated look.


Classic-Kylie-2004.jpg2004 – Throughout the reinventions, Kylie always returns to long layers 

This is not my personal favourite look for Kylie. The length is slightly too long for her fine hair and the way it has been dressed is very ageing, the layers are too long and it looks like it took a lot of effort to achieve body. Also the colour is quiet ‘murky’, I think Kylie suits a blonder look or even coppery tones.


Post-treatment-2006.jpg2006 – Kylie returns to the spotlight after her fight against breast cancer

As with people who go through chemotherapy the hair texture tends to change. In Kylie’s case she seems to have developed a lot more curls since pre-treatment. I feel her blonde tone could be slightly softer; but this may be down to the porosity of her hair.  But her hair is back and she is well – that’s the main thing!


2008 – At the Brits, Kylie unveils her new image with a blonde bob

Kylie is back and looking great! I love this multi-tonal blonde and I think this is a great length for Kylie as she has quite fine hair, any longer and it can look quite straggly. I think this is just right for her age and is very sexy!



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