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What to Show to the Client Who Wants to Go Blonde in One Sitting

by chloe / last updated May 6, 2022

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Kim Kardashian certainly turned heads at the Met Gala on Monday, wearing Marilyn Monroe’s dress from her “Happy Birthday” performance to John F. Kennedy in 1962. But once the initial frenzy settled, fans’ attention drifted to the startling transformation that was her hair.

Kim Kardashian’s hair transformation

A deep brunette only the previous evening at the White House Dinner, Kim walked the famous red carpet with platinum blonde locks pulled into a sleek, low bun. The overall appearance was astounding and very Marilyn-esque, but a closer look left hair professionals rather upset. But also justified every time they’d told a client you can’t go from brunette to platinum blonde in one sitting…

When she spoke to Vogue, Kim revealed, “I spent a day straight dyeing my hair – 14 hours straight – to get it done.” The close-up photos reveal a range of shades, from brassy to ashy, most of which are patchy. Hairdressers, take a seat and get a glass of water if you’re feeling dizzy.

Professional hairdresser, Zach Mesquit, broke down the process on TikTok and explained what he thinks went wrong with Kim Kardashian’s hair.


What are your thoughts? Here’s mines.

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Taking a client to a platinum blonde is a difficult process at the most relaxed of times – but 24 hours before the prestigious Met Gala, the stakes were high. It really is impossible to go blonde in one sitting, and hairdressers everywhere might actually be thanking Kim for showcasing the difficulties.

Her Instagram posts from the event, as well as various TikTok videos discussing her Met Gala look, are filled with negative comments regarding both her hair and the dress. Many questioned why she didn’t opt for a wig, but Kim told Vogue that she’d been wanting to make a big change for a while.

Kim also features in Kylie Jenner’s YouTube vlog, ‘Married to the Met – Get Ready for the Met Gala with Me’, and expresses fears of her hair falling out.


If there’s one thing to take away, it’s to stick to your guns and keep telling your clients, ‘Blondes don’t happen overnight!’ For the client willing to wait it out, here are eight tips for taking brunette clients to blonde.

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