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Is Kendall Jenner’s Blonde Hair Giving Clients Unrealistic Colour Expectations?

by akesha / last updated September 21, 2019

The Kardashians love to flip-flop and switch their hair colour from black to blonde and back to brunette in a matter of days. And with wigs, weaves and hair pieces all in play it’s hard for fans to tell what the secrets of their hair looks are. The most recent of the clan to step into the lighter side is Kendall Jenner, who debuted her blonde locks at London fashion week where she modelled in the Burberry SS20 show.

The look which is a sandy, ashy blonde with rooted strands complements the models tone and complexion and will no doubt be a reference picture for clients for months to come. But taking a client from deep brunette to ashy blonde takes a lot of time and commitment and stars seemingly changing things so quickly can lead to unrealistic expectations for them.

Managing Expectations

The model was pictured in NYC on 12 September with her signature dark locks and then on the morning of 13 September she was in London on the Burberry catwalk with her new hue. It’s thought that the colour was created in one session but of course this isn’t advisable for most clients. “In regards to dramatic colour changing we normally recommend we do it gradually so you can retain your client’s shine and condition,” says Louisa Moore a colourist at Jo Hansford.  “So a few sessions to gradually add in colour is always preferable.”

Bruno Marc, Joico ambassador for Europe, the UK and Ireland, agrees, “For those with a base shade like Kendall’s natural hair colour, it would usually take a few sittings in the salon over a time period of around six months to achieve an all over, even blonde. I do think that celebrities can give people unrealistic expectations when it comes to colour because not all clients have the money that celebrities have to spend on having a drastic colour transformation in such a short space of time and to have certain more expensive hair treatments to keep their hair in its best condition.”

He recommends telling clients to space out their colour appoints by a month or so to minimise damage. He continues, “with products like JOICO Defy Damage Pro Series 1 and 2 going from brunette to blonde and keeping the condition is achievable.”

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