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Jennifer Aniston Celebrity Hair Style Icon

by sophieh / April 17, 2008

Jennifer-Aniston-'Rachel'Jennifer Aniston’s famous ‘Rachel’ cut became a must-have style in the mid 90s and yet hairdressers are divided in two camps about the look that inspired a generation. Errol Douglas is one of those who couldn’t bear the layered look. “If there was one celebrity cut I wish had never caught on it would be Jennifer Aniston’s ‘The Rachel’ cut,” says Errol. “It didn’t really suit anyone!”In contrast, Richard Ward and Mark Leeson wish that they had been responsible for creating the iconic style. Mark adds: “I think from a commercial point of view the Rachel cut will always be a milestone.” The ‘Rachel’ was…

( polls)But it’s been more than 10 years since the former friends favourite said goodbye to the ‘Rachael’ and in that time she’s experimented with various colours and lengths.We asked internationally renowned hairdresser Martyn Maxey for his take on the ever-changing locks of Ms Aniston.

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“Jennifer’s style has varied hugely since she first appeared on our screens in 1995. She has played with her hair in length, layers, and colour, often winning huge admiration,” says Rachel.”She single-handedly inspired millions of women to grow out their fringes, get straight hair and have a ‘Rachel cut’, and coerced every hairdresser into getting a pair of straightening irons. “My favourite is her most current look, predominately straighter, but she has moved the style on to the next level by adding movement at the bottom and mid-lengths, which is more sophisticated but still retains a playfulness with her hair, making it sexy and cool at the same time. Generally, I prefer the longer lengths on her with deeper layers and no fringe. “Her hair colour plays a very big part, although Jennifer has experimented widely. Her hair is at its best when coloured honey blonde with lighter tones. “This works even better when she is more tanned. I would like her to have bigger sections of highlights, but with more of a pastel blonde tone and applied in a random, irregular pattern. “The long layers work well on her hair, but can often look bottom heavy, and it needs a more lateral layering technique. “I would describe her look as sophisticated urban cool and, not surprisingly considering her character in Friends works for the designer, it is mostly associated with Ralph Lauren clothes on and off screen. “Jennifer is a huge asset to the hair industry and a true hair icon.”



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