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Is Penelope's The Hottest Celebrity Hair?

by sophieh / November 14, 2007

Penelope Cruz has the most stunning hair in celebville! Well, that’s the conclusion that Metro Readers came up with when polled on celebrities with the most attractive facial features, anyway. Now, there is a lot to be said for Ms Cruz’s long glossy locks, but the best of all celebrities? I’m not convinced.


Having put the question out there to some top hairdressers it seems that they’re not so sure either. “Kate Moss has the most attractive hair I think. Her new short, mega bleached bob with long fringe oozes sex-ability and is so ‘of the moment’.”Jamie Brooks, Brooks and Brooks“For me it has to be Kate Moss, who is currently sporting the epitome of a great fringe! She suits this style perfectly; it is very well balanced and is what a fringe should look like. Perfect!”Robert Ari“I would say Sarah Harding of Girls Aloud. She has a great face that cold pull off anything and the shape is particularly fantastic on her. I also like the boldness of the colour.”Clive Johnston, Clive Alexander“Angelina Jolie! She is a beautiful woman whose confidence, grace and femininity allow her to work with any look. These are all trademarks I like to showcase in my salon.” Claudio Contrasti, ContrastiSo what do you say? Is Penny the cream of the crop(s) or do you agree that Kate’s hair is the finest of them all? Add your thoughts below or join in the debate on the My HJi forums.



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