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Is Lisa Snowdon's Hair Strictly Stylish?

by sophieh / October 8, 2008

Lisa-Snowdon.jpgLisa Snowdon is used to standing out from the crowd: when her dulcet tones aren’t ringing out across London’s airways in the mornings she’s spinning up a storm on the Strictly Come Dancing dancefloor.

One area where she seems to play it safe, however, is her hair where she always seems to stick to her long, free flowing locks.

But far from being dull and in need of an update, Shay Dempsey from Zoo in Belfast, thinks that it’s the perfect style for such a jack of all trades.

“Lisa’s cut is soft, with long layers that shape her face,” he says.  “It’s quite bohemian and casual. The beauty of this style is its versatility. It’s easy to manage, easy to style, and can be dressed up or down.

“Now that Lisa is taking part in Strictly Come Dancing, this haircut allows her to create any look she wants. The cut isn’t high fashion, or risqué, but it’s perfect for her and her lifestyle.”

But while Shay is loving the natural look; Stephen Fordham of essensuals, Rugby thinks that Lisa could do more to complement her stunning features.

Stephen adds: “Lisa’s hair colour is a lovely grown-out summer shade, very current and it suits her soft, laid-back style.

“However, with her skin tone I would give her a richer colour that would put more emphasis on the condition of the hair, making it glossy and healthy looking. The darker shade would also bring out the colour of her eyes.”

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