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HJi hearts… tousled bobs

by / December 29, 2008

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gwynethpaltrow2.jpgTousled bobs are the talk of the town and HJi loves this latest look.

The public have shied away from on-trend curls for a while, but this wavy craze might finally prise them away from their beloved straighteners, for a season at least.

Gwyneth Paltrow has re-entered the public eye sporting the look which gives her a softer and more playful image than her usual ice-maiden, poker-straight lengths.

 Pop princess Kylie has embraced the tousled bob as part of yet another reinvention and  Angelina Jolie is wearing the retro version for her role in the movie ‘Changeling.’

angelinajolie.jpgNancy Dell’Olio has caused a few ripples with her take on bobbed waves but we think it freshens up her image and the shorter length makes her look younger.  

Colour queen Lisa Shepherd is a huge fan of the look and comments that, “the traditional bob now resembles 1920’s chic, is wavy and more relaxed yet is a lot more glamorous than its predecessor.

“Luxurious, tousled hair should be all about multi tonal effects, lit up with scattered, weaved highlights,” she says.

You can wave goodbye to the traditional straight bob and have a bit of fun with it’s flirty cousin. The tousled bob is taking over!

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