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HJi hearts . . . Cheryl's Shoulder-Length Chop

by / December 10, 2009

Thumbnail image for hji-loves.pngcheryshorter1sq.jpgCheryls big and bold 60s-inspired lengths were the talk of the town two years ago.

But she’s barely changed her look since then and we grew a little tired of her larger-than-life locks.

Until now that is.

cherylshorter2sm.jpgCheryl has just opted for a shorter, shoulder-length look that is more subtle, yet still as glam as her old favourite. Taking the weight out of the lengths has certainly freshened up her style.

Neil Smith, Barrie Stephen Hair, loves Cheryl’s new look. “Cheryl has proven she’s definitely a hair and style icon with this new mid-length do.

“Even without her famous long extensions, she still looks amazing. There’s still loads of volume and movement in her hair, which oozes her normal glamour,” he says.

By toning down the length and volume of her locks, she is stepping away from the stereotypical WAG look that is all about hair, heels and nails. She’s still glam, but she’s now more demure than drag queen.

Neil also believes that, when it comes to hair, length isn’t everything. Says Neil: “It’s great to see Cheryl showing off her natural length!

“And I’m sure that whatever way Cheryl wears this new style in the future, whether it’s smooth and sleek or messy and textured she’ll look amazing.”

cheryshorter3sm.jpgWe’re sure that this doesn’t mark the end of extensions as she still appears to have some more natural looking volume that may have been helped by extensions. It could be that celebrities will choose to wear their extensions to add a bit of oomph rather than for a full-on Barbie girl style.

It’s about time that Cheryl went for a change and this look works well. It would be great if she was even braver in the next few months and went for an extreme chop. But we won’t hold our breath.

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