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Have Your Say On Uma Thurman's Hair

by sophieh / November 13, 2007

When we asked a couple of stylists whether Uma Thurman had killer hair to match her assassin role in Kill Bill they told us that it’s more of a dead loss.

“Uma is such an unusual beauty and always looks stunning. But this colour is too light and solid, with slightly too much gold, which I don’t think suits her fair and pinkish complexion. I would suggest she needs a slightly deeper more multi-tonal colour to complement her features. Her hair colour would be good as a highlight, but it doesn’t work as an all over colour.”
Inanch Emir, Inanch

“Uma is beautiful and elegant but her hair is very fine. I don’t think this long look enhances her delicate features and would suggest a shorter style sitting just above her shoulders. I would add layers to give more volume to the finished look but it would still be feminine and sassy.”
Bruno Marc, Marc Antoni, Reading, Hampshire

But what do you think? If you too feel that she needs work to Be Cool let us know your suggestions for getting the best out of her locks.



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