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Hair Highlights and Horrors of Euro 2008

by sophieh / June 11, 2008


With England’s football heroes more caught up in wedding fever than football fever this summer, it might have escaped your attention that Euro 2008 is in full swing.

But if the idea of 22 men chasing a ball around a pitch doesn’t float your boat, it’s still worth standing up and taking notice because more and more men are turning to the sports arena for their style inspiration.

The great news is that Kevin Keegan-style perms and handlebar moustaches have been consigned to the days when England were still any good; the bad news is that there’s still a fair few hair horrors on display.

We asked British Hairdressing Awards 2007/08 Men’s Hairdresser of the Year Jim Shaw, salon director of Essensuals, Billericay, to put some of football’s icons hair styles under the microscope.

Cristiano Ronaldo, Portugal Carlos Puyol, Spain
Sebastian Frey, France Francesco Totti, Italy


Jim says: “What Ronaldo has here is a footballer’s favourite, the Mohawk. The colour is a rich brown works very well with his skin tone. To achieve this look, after drying, work some wax into the hair and shape into a Mohawk. This look works well but I would cut the hair at the back off to update this look.”

Jim says:Carlos’s hair is naturally curly and at a good length. It’s slightly reminiscent of rock and roll stars like Jim Morrison, channelling that sexy and dishevelled vibe. To achieve this look use leave In conditioner to prevent frizz and let the hair dry naturally.”

Jim says: “This is a grown out a basic layered haircut that is at a really versatile length that can be easily smartened up or worn messy.  I’d use use label.m Matt Paste to get Sebastian‘s ‘mussed up’ look. It’s great because it lets you reshape your hair throughout the day without having to constantly reapply.”

Jim says: “Totti has a short, textured crop, which is easy to maintain both on and off the pitch. It suits his face shape but a touch more length would add more versatility to the styling.  To recreate Totti’s style, use a shaper to accentuate the texture and achieve a low sheen.”

NOTE: Please excuse the gratuitous picture of Freddie Ljungberg. While we accept the Sweden star is not exactly a celebrity hair icon, we think he’s so beautiful that we couldn’t resist the chance to feature him.

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Sebastian Frey Image: Gettyimages; all other images: Rex Features



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