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GMB Presenter Susanna Reid Creates Fan Frenzy With New Hair

by laurahusband / last updated April 21, 2021

GMB Susanna Reid Hair

Susanna Reid who is a TV presenter on GMB (ITV’s Good Morning Britain news show) greeted viewers on Monday 19 April with a new hair cut and colour that has caused a frenzy on social media and news websites.

In fact ‘Susanna Reid hair’ was trending on Google on Monday 19 April with GMB fans eager to find out more about her new hairstyle that was created by hairstylist Richard Ward who is based at Richard Ward Hair and Metro Spa Salon in Sloane Square. 

Why is everyone so obsessed with GMB Susanna Reid’s new hair?

Susanna Reid told GMB viewers on Monday 19 April that she’d ‘lost about four inches’ from her hair and her co-presenter Adil Ray added that he’d noticed her highlights too.

She even joked with Adil and said:

You’re like one of those blokes aren’t you? Where someone comes back from the hairdresser and they don’t notice anything’s changed!

Susanna was beaming during the show with hew new hair look. The shorter style and face framing highlights and waves really complement the 50-year old’s face shape and created a frenzy on social media and news websites.

HJ spoke exclusively to Richard Ward who created the new hair look for Susanna to understand why it’s caused such a media frenzy. He said:

The feedback for Susanna’s new hair look has been incredible. I was keen to give her a dramatic change because she was coming back onto GMB for the first time without Piers Morgan so it was important to make a statement.

Richard pointed out: “It is a restyle and it is quite dramatic but most people are concerned about going too short – it’s the best of both worlds where people can feel like they’re having a complete change without going crazy. Most people are coming into the hair salon with hair way past their shoulders. Someone like Susanna who has long hair with a curl suits this slightly shorter length. It means she feels like she’s had a restyle but without feeling like she’s lost her identity and she can still tie her back too.”

He added: “I gave Susanna some painted balayage around her face. For someone who is on the camera as much as she is – people will her face more than the back of her head and the same is true for most clients – the face is the most important viewpoint for colour. Painting on caramel-shade lowlights around the hairline and around the mid lengths to the ends works really well.”

 The before shot:

A number of news outlets reported on Susanna’s new hair look, including goodhousekeeping.com which said:

Known for her long flowing locks, Susanna posted a teaser on Instagram yesterday of her new look. She took us every step of the way in her transformation, posting a ‘before’ picture at hairdressers Richard Ward in Chelsea, masked up and ready to have the chop.

This morning, she showed off her new do, and the response from fans was overwhelmingly positive – fans commented how stunning they thought Susanna’s new look was.

The during the hair appointment Instagram shot:

What can hairdressers learn from GMB Susanna Reid’s new hair transformation frenzy?

Aguably, the fact Susanna posted on Instagram before, during the hair appointment itself and once the hair look was completed increased the chances of her hair causing excitement.

The after shot:

Her followers, viewers and indeed some of your clients who have their own hair appointments booked in the coming weeks might now take a look at Susanna Reid’s new hair cut, colour and style for inspiration.

Not all clients are presenters on national television of course, but Susanna Reid’s transformation is not only beautiful but it shows the power of a good client-generated marketing strategy.

If you encourage your clients to share their excitement on their own social media channels amongst their friends and family before, during and after their hair appointments at your hair salon, it could lead to positive compliments, comments and added excitement for your client and your team as well as generate new clients amongst their friends and family within your salon.


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