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Glamour Rocks the Red Carpet Hair at the Baftas

by sophieh / February 9, 2009

After a month of coiffing their locks and donning their finest gowns for Awards Season Stateside, the stars of the big screen arrived in London for the Baftas 2009.

The evening was studded with stunning gowns and sparkling jewels all tastefully done in a tone of understated luxury, perhaps reflecting the more frugal setting of a fragile British economy.

But what about the red carpet hair?

We asked Jamie Brooks of Brooks & Brooks, London, to give us his verdict on some of the hits (and the misses) of British cinema’s most glittering Awards ceremony.

“There were plenty of up-do’s, dressed hair and beautiful blow-dry’s on show,” says Jamie.

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Angelina Jolie

Angelina always looks good but I’m finding this look a little harsh on her. The colour is a shade too dark, the hair has been back combed and then pulled back from the face, then tonged lightly through the ends. There is a lot of height which overly lengthens her face. I would have left out tendrils of hair around the face to soften the whole look.

Verdict: Could do better

Emilia Fox

This shape is a little out of balance. While the front is fine the back is huge, Emilia is tiny and this overwhelms her because the back section is disproportionate to her face. The look would have been set first and then pulled back and pinned in but a sleeker look closer to her head would have been better.

Verdict: Miss

Freida Pinto

This gorgeous blow-dry shows that Frieda’s hair is in tip top condition. The look is styled away from her face accentuating her cheek bones. The height offsets the roundness in her face and the gentle curl adds femininity.

Verdict: Hit

Goldie Hawn

Oh dear! Goldie has been a victim of the Great British weather, she normally carries off a great simple blow-dry but this is frizzy and windswept. The length of the cut and the fringe are also a little ageing. I would cut her hair shorter but still leave it soft.

Verdict: Miss (but the weather didn’t help!)

Jane Lauretta Goldman

What can you say, this is her trademark look – bleached with crazy colour then tonged or set on rollers. From her perspective it’s very polished and glamorous. I would tone it down a bit and tame the hair.

Verdict: Could do better

Kate Winslet

Kate never buys wholesale into the Red Carpet look and always achieves a kind of personal interpretation of glamorous hair. This is effortless and beautiful; great condition with natural tones in a relaxed style. It’s totally her.

Verdict: Hit

Penelope Cruz

This fringe is the perfect length to frame her face and make her eyes pop. It’s gorgeous and glossy and very dark which is perfect for her skin tone. The Audrey Hepburn up-do is stylish without being stiff. Perfect.

Verdict: Hit

Sharon Stone

Sharon has struck the exact chord for her age and she looks amazing. The natural texture is controlled but not over styled. The hair has been drawn back but still gives her face shape some important width, the colour too does not drain her but adds a youthful touch.

Verdict: Hit

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