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Celebrity Hair Extensions Disasters

by sophieh / August 27, 2008

Love them or loathe them, hair extensions are big business and an accessory that many celebrities demand.

Of course, the best hair extensions you’ll never know about, and the worst ones will always end up making headlines.

Here’s a selection of celebrities whose extensions are far from perfect.


Britney Spears

Jason Smith, artistic director, Balmain Extensions

“Because Britney shaved her hair off, even now the hair would be too short for extensions – so they are covering her hair like a wig rather than blending into her own hair. The golden rule with hair extensions is that they should only ever be double the length of the actual hair to keep them looking natural and easy to maintain. To make matters worse, Britney has put her hair up and the hairdresser hasn’t left any hair at the hairline to conceal the bonds. Overall, it’s a disaster!”


Victoria Beckham

Gary Hooker and Michael Young, artistic directors, Hairaisers

“The reason that Victoria’s extensions look so bad here is the cheap-looking scarf she is using to disguise them. Hair attached to a cap or scarf of any kind instantly looks like it is trying to conceal joins, glue and other signs that the hair is in fact extensions. The hair is too long and the extreme colour contrast doesn’t look remotely natural. The only positive thing we can say about this look is that I don’t think Posh was going for a natural look here – she was creating a character.”

courtney-love-hair-extensions.jpgCourtney Love

Ann Fegan, director of education, Racoon International

“I would love to get my hands on Courtney’s hair. She has too much hair in each bond and there’s no consideration for weight balance. Less is best in most cases. The root lift in the top section shows incorrect application of the hair extensions and it’s clear that the bonds have been applied too close to her scalp.”



Nicole Richie

Schola Rose, Hype Coiffure, Battersea, London

“There is so much wrong with Nicole’s extensions here, that it almost looks deliberate. Aside from them looking extremely synthetic and sparse, the colour is the most obvious problem, since the different shades don’t blend well together and clash with her natural hue. This trashy finish can be avoided by using high-quality human hair extensions for a more natural texture and colour, and also by ensuring that the colours are as close to the clients’ base shade as possible. To achieve a professional finish, opt for pre-mixed hair for subtle lowlights rather than streaks, cut the clients’ hair in to a manageable, shapely style and ensure that the thickness remains balanced all over.”


Caprice Bourret

Feleny Georghiou, The Connect Hair System, London

“I like Caprice’s style. She really knows how to put her outfits together. However, when it comes to her hair, it can really let her down. While I don’t think the colour is too badly matched, this hair is unflattering and artificial in the way it falls. To avoid the fake look, stylists should always use 100% human hair extensions as these will remain glamorous and sexy. Aftercare is also an essential part of immaculate extensions, and my advice is to only use oil-free shampoo and conditioners.”


Victoria Beckham

Innanch Emir, Inanch, London

“Victoria’s hair extensions are too close to her parting. Hair extensions should never be attached so close to the parting or to the roots as it pulls the hair making them visible. If extensions are applied close to a parting, the best method is to use small flat bonds that blend effortlessly.”




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