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Celebrity Blondes' Hair Heaven and Hell

by sophieh / October 1, 2009

They have a whole team of stylists and access to the very best hairdressers in the business, but even blonde bombshells have bad hair days from time to time.

These are two of Hollywood’s finest’s journeys from hair hell to hair heaven.


Sienna Miller

Hair Hell: “She looks like a schoolgirl – there’s nothing sexy or appealing about this at all. Loose tendrils are okay, but not when it looks like they’ve just fallen down. There should be more backcombing at the crown area and it could be secured with Kirby grips for a smoother finish.”

Hair Heaven: “Sienna is looking super glamorous here. I expect she’s had an intensive treatment at the backwash to inject moisture into her highlighted locks. It also looks like she’s had a fantastic blow-dry, which has been set on big rollers to create those fabulous dropped curls.”

Mark Woolley, Electric, Reading and Brighton


Hayden Panettiere

Hair Hell: “This greasy style isn’t as groomed and glossy as we’re used to seeing on Hayden. It lacks movement, so to give it more body and energy I would blow-dry her layers and lift the colour with a few multi-tonal highlights through the top.”

Hair Heaven: “Hayden’s polished cut and honey hue perfectly complement her skin tone. This glam, yet girly look has been achieved by blow-drying the hair using a medium round brush, then pin-setting small sections. Once cool, the curls have been loosened with fingers and gently teased out for volume.”

Jess Evans, The Hair Advice Centre, Englefield Green, Surrey

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