Celebrity Blondes From Icy to Strawberry

by sophieh / June 19, 2008

Blonde hair is as intrinsically linked with summer as strawberries and cream; sea and sand; picnics in the parks; and Pimms and lemonade.

But when it comes to chosing the right summer shade, the modern client isn’t content with picking a look for the season and sticking with it. She’s looking for a shade that reflects changes in her needs and even her mood.

In fact, a recent survey by Schwarzkopf Professional found that 81per cent of blondes go into the salon wanting to update and refresh their look rather than just maintain the same colour and style.

But with blonde hair shades ranging from icy to strawberry, it goes with out saying that not every shade is suitable for every client and that you have to match the right shade to the right skin tone.

We caught up with Schwarzkopf ‘Blonde Expert’ Charlie Taylor, from Charlie Taylor Hair, Health and Beauty, to look at four of the key blonde shades celebs are wearing this season and learn which clients the look can best be recreated on.

Icy Blonde – Agyness Deyn


This icy look works for Agyness because her short blonde hair is seen as strong, striking and image led.  It literally turns heads. 

Great for

This look works with skin tones with a touch of warmth.  Agyness has porcelain smooth skin with a warm glow which allows the coolness of her hair to stand out. 

Steer clear

Very pale skin can look a bit ghostly with icy blondes; however, with the right dark eye makeup it can also create a dramatic look. 

Charlie’s verdict

I think Agyness looks great with her signature look, although sometimes ringing the changes of tone would keep her public guessing. 

Golden Blonde – Emma Bunton


This look works for Emma; she likes her hair to be baby doll feminine and girlie.  It’s not cutting edge but definitely displays a blonde image that’s important to her.  She looks to be in a comfort zone with her hair and I think it would be hard for her to change.

Great for

The skin tones that work with warm blondes are cool to slightly warm tones

Steer clear

This shade of blonde doesn’t work with  skin types which are pone to redness or are highly coloured. 

Charlie’s verdict

I believe it would be pretty difficult to encourage a change of look for Emma, as with most blondes the hair colour is a dominant feature.  From my experience, most clients who stray from their most comfortable place may try to change and then end up very quickly going back to where they started.

Dark Blonde – Fearne Cotton


Fearne’s hair would appear to be naturally dark blonde to light brown.  She has taken an easier option of controlling how blonde she is by purely enhancing her natural colour with highlights rather than an all over blonde.  This means that it is easier to maintain and she has less worries about re-growth. 

Great for

This shade is very easy to wear for a wide variety of skin tones and would suit most people in this natural colour range.  It is also possible to mix cooler and warmer blondes by adding several different shades in the one set of highlights giving a natural effect. 

Steer clear

Clients with pale skin; it tends to make the hair look very flat and the pale skin even more pale verging on an unwell look. 

Charlie’s Verdict

I do think that Fearne could be quite adventurous with her hair and go for a richer warmer tone perhaps leaving the blonde behind a bit and combine it with a shorter more defined shape and cut.  I also think she needs to be aware of not having too much of a build up of colour on her mid-lengths and ends which can give the appearance of all over colour and more prominent re-growth.

Strawberry Blonde – Lindsay Lohan


Lindsay has freckly skin and great grey/blue eyes and although her hair is strawberry blonde her skin tone allows her to be flexible with her hair colour.  She has also had her hair rich and dark which looks fantastic. 

Great for

Clients with freckles that give the skin a bit of colour. 

Steer Clear

This colour is not suitable for highly coloured skin. 

Charlie’s Verdict

Lindsay is versatile with her makeup and therefore looks great with which every colour she chooses.  Lindsay likes to shock and be newsy so if I was her hairdresser she would be having lots of changes and setting trends.  She definitely can carry it off.



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