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Call The Midwife Star Revamped at Easton Regal

by rachael / last updated March 7, 2013

After wrapping series two of BBC’s Call The Midwife, Helen George who plays Trixie was ready for the chop and it was down to her regular stylist Bryn Wilkins from Eastern Regal to bring her back to the 21st century with a soft asymmetrical haircut.  

Here’s how he did it…


Take a horseshoe section from temple to temple and clip the top section away for later.
Use your comb to section down the centre of the head and straight across at the occipital bone on both sides.
Take a 1cm width section vertically from the occipital bone to the nape and using a light, even tension cut your guideline.  Your knuckles should be touching the nape, bringing out to a slight graduation.
Take your next section and without over-directing cut follow your guideline.  Continue doing so until you reach the hairline behind the ear.  Repeat on the other side and cross check for finger marks.
Your next section will be up to your horse shoe.  Take a 1cm section down the centre and follow your guide and head-shape to cut to length.  Continuing your graduation pull back section by section over the left ear to create a short graduated bob like shape.  Continue on the right side with the same technique but over directing even further to create the asymmetry.
Let down your horseshoe section and use a soft point cutting technique to connect your previous back section.
Take a central section from crown to front hairline and over-direct back to connect the top.  Using as a guide bring the rest of the hair into the middle.  Then check for corners.
Use Kevin Murphy Anti Gravity Spray for soft volume and hold, blow-dry using a large round brush to create a bevelled silhouette.
Once dry, refine your perimeter shape, point cutting for a softer finish.
Following Spring trends for matte texture, sprinkle Schwarzkopf Dust It all over for a matte chalky finish.

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