Britney's New Look: Your View

by sophieh / August 24, 2007

Like the rest of the Heat generation, we’ve watched the human timebomb that is Britney Spears with a mixture of curiosity, sympathy and fear for what might happen next. This week, the Spears show hit another pivotal moment when she was spotted out post head shave and minus wig or extentions looking, quite frankly, frightful.Being the positive folk we are, rather than jumping on the band wagon and focusing on the doom and gloom we’d thought we’d look for ways Britney can make the best of what she’s got.

SOB (Save Our Britney) Campaign Suggestion One:

“The colour in Britney’s hair needs toning down as it is too harsh. I would add a temporary colour like Schwarzkopf Professional IGORA 765 Auburn/Gold to add warmth and depth & take her into the next season. Britney does not suit having her hair off her face…for me a cool little crop would look better. I’d cut it tight in at the sides and at the back but keep the weight on top. This would give her an instant new look with the option to grow her hair into a longer style.”David Thomas, David Thomas Hairdressing, Preston Lancs

SOB Campaign Suggestion Two:

“Britney’s new ‘do’ is in need of some serious attention. This is what a no-maintenance rather than a low-maintenance short hairstyle looks like. It could look so much better even without being cut if she hadn’t forgotten the two golden rules of wearing short hair:

1) Always ensure your colour is amazing – this defines the shorter cut and helps to frame your face in a more flattering way. Going from dark to blonde is always difficult but having Britney’s two-tone look is definitely avoidable!! I would add in warmer shades to create a softer and more textured look.

2) Always use the correct styling product to create shape and add texture. The OSiS+ range has some great styling product: Marsh Mellow Molding paste is great for creating funky styles, I’d apply this to create height and texture then finish with Sparkler Shine Spray to accentuate the added colour. My advice to Britney is sort your head out and return to your halcyon days of being fabulous!!”Suzan Manning, Director, Paul Stafford Hair & Beauty, Belfast

SOB Campaign Suggestion Three:

“The gold tones in her hair really cheapen her look and sweeping the hair back just makes it look more fine than it actually is. The new Schwarzkopf BlondMe range gives the perfect palette to mix from with varying degrees of tone and colour to suit all hair types. Putting slightly deeper coffee or soft peach tones in amongst a more neutral sand blonde base would give more depth to poor old Brit’s hair. As far as the cut is concerned I’d take inspiration from the catwalk and go for something short, like Agyness Deyne, a short ruffled crop which can also be worn neater for more formal occasions. Jason Taylor and Lisa (Colour Degree Technician), Kinki Hair, Norwich

If you have a favourite option or your own recommendations for turning the (former) princess of pop’s locks back to their former glory, don’t forget to add them in the comments section below.



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