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Boris v Ken: Who Tops the Style Polls?

by sophieh / April 30, 2008

Ken Livingstone and Boris Johnson go into London Mayoral election neck and neck, but when it comes to the style stakes they are quite frankly polls [sic] apart.We asked London hairdressers Becky Barnes from Mayfair salon Webster Whiteman and BaByliss PRO Educator Sacha New from Wickham Hair Studio to analyse what’s going on with the two leading candiates’ images.

Boris Johnson

Ken Livingstone

Boris-Johnson-hair.jpg Ken-Livingstone-Hair.jpg
Sacha Says: In the style stakes Boris definitely comes out on top as he does have a certain something – I’m not sure quite what! – but he has a more interesting look that is definitely very individual. His hair is almost iconic and could be recognised anywhere.

Becky Says: Bubbly Boris’ is trying to appeal to the kids, with his platinum blonde shaggy ‘Agyness Deyn’ style crop and it kind of works!

Sacha says: Unfortunately, Ken embodies all that is wrong with British figureheads – he’s dull, dreary and completely unimpressive. It’s depressing that such non-descript grey men represent the vibrant, world fashion leader that is the UK, and our buzzing capital.Becky says: Like most middle-aged plus men, Ken’s losing his locks and his silver fox colour shows he’s growing old gracefully. However, I think he’s trying to hold on to his strands like his London Mayor title.

But are the two mens’ looks beyond repair? Not according to Becky, who says that a few small changes could bring either politician’s style up to date and make them more identifiable to their voters. “I’d definitely keep it platinum and maybe add a few choppy layers in to really help Boris grasp that rock star look that he’s trying to reach,” she adds. “A bit of paste or putty and a stylised bed head look could transform Boris’ bangs from politician to party starter! “Ken should chop it all off for a fresh new look.Politicians are often criticised for not relating to the people, so a skin-head should sort that right out!”Sacha thinks she is being kind, saying that the only solution for improving their images is a total overhaul. “There’s not really a lot to work with and they could both do with a full makeover!” she jokes. “I’d like to re-style Ken to a 1950s American high school look with a choppy crop (he hasn’t much hair so my choices are limited) and then dress him in loafers, chinos and a cardigan with large ‘A’ or ‘L for London’ on it!”Boris would be perfectly transformed to a Brideshead Revisited-esque style – all that blonde foppish hair could cut to give a sharper, cleaner feel around the back and sides but keeping the length on top, falling in to the perfect public school boy asymmetrical fringe across one eye. And that plummy accent is already the ideal accessory!”

Your Say on Boris and Ken’s Style

Who gets your vote in the style stakes?

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